Raid Pillager Finder (Java Parity)

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This addon brings some sort of parity from java edition. The ability to find pillagers during raids by ringing the bell. It also adds a custom glowing effect from java edition.

If you have played Java Edition, you already know how this addon works. Ding the bell and you would be able to see the pillagers.

Bell block

How To Use:

  • During Raids Go near a bell
  • Ding the bell with an item in hand
  • It will apply a custom glowing effect on nearby pillagers (within 50 blocks)

The glowing effect will only last for 5 seconds on the pillagers.

Pillager glowing effect

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Download links
Raid Pillager Finder Addon Stable (Boostellar)
Raid Pillager Finder Behavior Pack (Boostellar)
Raid Pillager Finder Resource Pack (Boostellar)
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  1. Is it compatible with other add-ons? There are many expansions that add new Illager mobs.
    1.  profile avatarD profile avatar D
      This addon doesn't use player.json file, but make changes to the Illager mobs files. So, it should be compatible with other addons if they don't affect these files.