Custom Wood Example Pack

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This addon that adds a new type of wood to the game, it has everything a wood can have (except signs, buttons and pressure plates, adding that is impossible lol), not only blocks, but a new generation of cherry blossom trees, also, you can craft everything that needs wood, very useful. For add-on developers: You are free to use this addon to make your own wood, but don't forget to credit the creator (me) and ihategravel (trapdoor code), and if you find a bug, let me know. THIS ADDON ONLY WORKS IN THE LATEST RELEASE!


Log/Stripped Log

The log is identical to vanilla, with any kind of axe it can be converted into a stripped log (it also works with other addons if their axes have the tag: "minecraft:is_axe").

Cherry log and stripped log

Cherry log and stripped log blocks

Wood/Stripped Wood

The wood is identical to vanilla and works in the same way as the log.

Cherry wood and stripped wood

Cherry wood and stripped wood blocks

Cherry wood recipe


Naturally generated leaves will decay if the tree log is removed.

Cherry Leaves

Cherry Leaves blocks


The sapling is obtained from the leaves, as it grows it will generate a tree, you can grow it by waiting or by using bone meal.

Cherry Sapling in inventory

Planted Cherry Sapling


There is nothing special about the planks, it is the same as vanilla.

Cherry Planks in inventory

Cherry planks blocks

Boat/Chest Boat

The boat is very different from vanilla, because the boat is hard-coded. I don't recommend using this code.

Boats in inventory

Cherry boat and cherry chest boat


The slab is now identical to vanilla.

Slabs in inventory

It also looks a little more upward when in the inventory.

Cherry slab blocks


The stairs are something special, they have the function to connect with another one like in vanilla, however they need to have a block below to work as stairs.

Stairs in inventory

Cherry stairs blocks (screenshot 1)

Cherry stairs blocks (screenshot 2)

Cherry stairs blocks (screenshot 3)


The fence is almost identical to vanilla, the bad thing is that it does not connect to all the blocks it should due to limitations of minecraft.

Fence in inventory

Cherry fence blocks

Fence Gate

The fence gate is identical to the vanilla, has all its functions and connects correctly with the fence.

Fence gate in inventory

Fence gate blocks


The trapdoor is almost identical to vanilla.

Trapdoor in inventory

Cherry trapdoor blocks


The door is as close to vanilla as possible, uses only 1 .json file, opens instantly like the vanilla door and is 2 blocks high.

Doors in inventory

Double cherry doors

Wood Recipes

This addon includes all recipes, such as: chests, tools, barrels, beds, etc.

Wooden sword from cherry planks recipe

Chest from cherry planks recipe

Bed from cherry planks recipe

Bookshelf from cherry planks recipe


For addon creators, you can use this addon to make your custom wood as long as:


If your addon uses 1.19.50+ min engine version, the door code will not work however you can find another door code in the "Changelog" folder inside the addon.



  • Blocks cannot be watterlogged.
  • Stairs do not have the collision box of vanilla stairs.
  • The boat does not work correctly, if you want to help with the boat code or have a better code to make it work like vanilla, contact me by discord or twitter.


  • The inventory of the boat with chest does not have the name of the boat, and in turn comes out "Unknown".
  • The blocks look "small" in the inventory.
  • The leaves look a little "white" in the inventory.
  • If you find more bugs, let me know.
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