Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

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This addon adds powers and abilities from Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury, the latest and last season of Power Rangers. It adds zords, ranger forms, weapons, power weapons, mobs and more from the show.


To morph into the cosmic fury rangers, you will need to put a cosmic orb of any kind into your offhand and shift while holding the morpher to transform. In your ranger form, you will get weapons, which can perform a move, and a zord summoner, which can summon all the zords at once. To detransform, just use the morpher, put the cosmic orb in your offhand, and look down.

More items are the morpher in hiding mode, which can allow you to teleport up to 200 blocks away.

Items in the Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Addon

The Morphin Master Staff will allow you to heal entities, shoot beams, teleport to the morphin grid, and create shields to protect those around you.

Effects from Morphin Master Staff

Another item is the zord summon. You will need to look down and shift to switch between different zords and megazords to summon.

Cosmic Fury Team

Red and Blue Cosmic Fury Ranger Variants

The Dino Fury Team colors come in red, blue, black, orange, "champagne", green, and gold. All the Cosmic Fury rangers (except for champagne and orange) have specialized moves, individual weapons, and zords you can summon.

  • Dino Fury: Zayto Ghost Ranger
  • Mighty Morphin: mighty morphin blue ranger (use coin to summon lightning, put coin in offhand and use morpher to transform, use weapon to perform a special attack)
  • Dino Charge: Dino Charge Dark Ranger (has three attacks: dark melody, spino attack, and spino sling)
  • Ninja Steel: Ninja Steel Red Ranger (has two attacks: an AOE attack and a jump attack)


Several random, forgettable bosses. Each boss can summon some foot soldiers to help them, and they can grow giant, which may cause lag. Some bosses can shoot beams, and Lord Zedd is the most powerful boss, he can summon lightning, shoot beams, summon foot soldiers, and grow big.

Random Forgettable Bad Guy #1 Health Bar


  • Cosmic Lion
  • Cosmic Chameleon
  • Cosmic Shark
  • Cosmic Bull
  • Cosmic Wolf
  • Cosmic Fury Megazord

Screenshot of Zord

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