Distance Indicator [1.0.0]

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Do you want an addon/script which allows you to see the distance between you and your friends ? If you answer yes, this script will help you a lot !

After enabling this script on your world, if there are other players, the distance between you and each of them will be displayed on the actionbar:

Distance to the player

If you want to hide the distance indicator, type this command :

Distance hiding command

And if you want to redisplay the damage indicator, type this command :

Distance display command

Download links
My pack[mcpack, 219.93 Kb]
TypeScript files to prove I'm the owner of this script[zip, 1.22 Kb]
Download MCPACK 1.0.0
Download ZIP 1.0.0
Supported versions
1.20.40 1.20.30
  1. Ooh, nice. This can be expanded into a proximity challenge, where if you're over 10 blocks away you take damage.
    1.  profile avatarDouarMC profile avatar DouarMC
      Ohhhh great idea !