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Beyond's 3D Weapons addon adds numerous new weapons with 3D models and custom abilities to Minecraft. The new item block and structure help you acquire these weapons. All weapons have custom crafting recipes, making them survival-friendly.

"No Experimental Features"

"No Player.json"

Video Showcase:

Old Showcase

Weapons and Abilities

Common Weapons:



Shuriken Model 1

Shuriken Model 2


  • Can be stacked to 16 in one slot.
  • Can be thrown.
  • Summons explosion on the place it hits or on an entity in hits.

Crafting Recipe:

Shuriken Recipe

War Weapons

War Weapons:

War Weapons Models

"Weapons That Are Mainly Used For Rush Combat"

[Make the war axe, then interact with the item to switch modes]

Battle Axe:

  • Speed boost when equipped.
  • Damage of a netherite sword but less durability.
  • Not enchantable.

Battle Hammer:

  • Speed boost when equipped.
  • Pre-enchanted with Knockback II.
  • Enchantable as a sword.

Battle Mace:

  • Speed boost when equipped.
  • 5th hit slows the victim.
  • Enchantable as a sword.

Crafting Recipe:

Battle Axe Recipe

Magma Hammer

Magma Hammer:

Magma Hammer Model


  1. Kill a mob to summon a cloud damaging mobs in a 3 block radius.

Crafting Recipe:

Magma Hammer Recipe

Rare Weapons:

Skull Wand

Skull Wand:

Skull Wand Model

Player with Skull Wand

Skull Wand Abilities


  • Poisons foes that you hit.
  • Interact to summon an ally Mummy.

Mummy: Screenshot

  • Sneak and interact to become invisible for a short period of time.

Custom Items for this Weapon:


1. New Structures:

Bone Base Structure: Screenshot 1

Bone Base Structure: Screenshot 2

Poison Bone in the Chest

2. New Item: Poison Bone

Poison Bone

Reinforced Netherite Weapons

Reinforced Netherite Sword:

Reinforced Netherite Sword Variants

Player with Reinforced Netherite Sword

Reinforced Netherite Sword Description


  • Reinforced Netherite Sword Lv1:
    - Interact to burn all mobs in a 6 block radius.
  • Reinforced Netheite Sword Lv2:
    - Interact to burn mobs in a 6 block radius.
    - Pre-enchanted with fire aspect.
    - Infinite fire resistance when holding.
  • Reinforced Netherite Sword Lv3:
    - Interact to burn mobs in a 6 block radius.
    - Pre-enchanted with Fire Aspect.
    - Pre-enchanted with Knockback.
    - Infinite fire resistance when holding.

Crafting Recipes:

Reinforced Netherite Sword Recipes

Reinforced Netherite Ingot Trade

Blood Cracker

Blood Cracker:

Blood Cracker Model

Player with Blood Cracker


[Mode: Health]

  • Sneak 'n interact to switch the ability.
  • Interact to convert mana to health.
  • Hit an entity to heal.

[Mode: Mana]

  • Sneak 'n interact to switch the ability.
  • Interact to convert mana to health.
  • Kill an entity to gain mana (can overflow).

1. What is mana overflow?

A: By using Blood Crackers mana mode and killing mobs, you can gain 1 extra bar of mana that can be used in other abilities.

Mana Overflow Bar

Bad Effects:

When you equip Blood Cracker (Both Modes), your max health becomes 7.

Max Health of 7 Hearts

Once unequipped, your health will go back to normal, but you have to regen the lost health.

Crafting Recipe:

Blood Cracker Recipe

Requires Nightmare Heart in the crafting recipe.

2. What is a Nightmare Heart?

A: Nightmare Heart is a new item. All undead mobs drop a fragment of this nightmare heart. By combining 9 fragments, you can craft the nightmare heart.

Nightmare Heart: Screenshot

Nightmare Heart Recipe

Celestial Weapons

Celestial Weapons:

Celestial Blade Model

This weapon is made by combining all the ore's power into one.

Celestial Blade:

  1. 7x damage every 5 sec.
  2. Area of damage. [Has cooldown]
  3. Speed effect on hit. [Has cooldown]

Celestial Cookie:

  1. Makes your mana infinite after you use it for 20 sec.

Celestial Cookie

Celestial Cookie Recipe

Crafting Recipe:

Celestial Blade Recipe


Celestial Ingot:

Celestial Ingot Recipe

Crimson Weapons

Crimson Weapons:

Crimson Weapons

Crimson Slicer Model

Crimson Blade:

  • Attack damage of 8.
  • Interact to make mobs levitate in a small radius.
  • Sneak 'n interact to make self-fly.

Crimson Slicer:

  • Attack damage of 6.
  • Interact to dash.

Crimson Vest:

  • Heals you if you take damage.

Crimson Weapons Trades


Crimson Essence:

Crimson Essence

Crimson Essence Recipe

Void Blade

Void Blade:

Void Blade Model


  1. Particles when equipped.
  2. Pre-enchanted with Knockback I and Smite II.
  3. Interact to summon Void Protector.

Player with Void Blade

How to Obtain:

Void Blade Trade

Legendary Weapons:

Circus Cluster

Circus Cluster:

Circus Cluster Model

Player with Circus Cluster


  • Interact to shoot cluster bomb that explodes on impact.
  • 3 melee attack damage.

Cluster Curse:

Hit a mob to cure it. A cursed mob will summon a damaging cloud that will damage mobs in an area.

Circus Cluster Description

Crafting Recipe:

Circus Cluster Recipe

Custom Items for this Weapon:

Circus Ingot Trade

Basic Hammer

Basic Hammer:

Basic Hammer Model

Player with Basic Hammer


  • Is a normal weapon at the start, but can be modified with different crafts that will drastically improve the weapon.

Basic Hammer Description

Crafting Recipe:

Basic Hammer Recipe


Basic Hammer Lightning Modifier

Basic Hammer Miner Modifier

Basic Hammer Slower Modifier

Custom Items for this Weapon:

Steel Stone Ingot Recipe

Steel Stone Block Recipe

Gilded Blackstone Scythe

Gilded Blackstone Scythe:

Gilded Blackstone Scythe Model

Player with Gilded Blackstone Scythe

Gilded Blackstone Scythe Description


  • Sweaping:
    - Hit to do a sweeping attack.

Gilded Blackstone Scythe: Sweaping Ability

  • Scythe Throw:
    - Interact to shoot your scythe and do an area damage.

Gilded Blackstone Scythe: Throw Ability

Crafting Recipe:

Gilded Blackstone Scythe Recipe

Custom Items for this Weapon:

Click Me

Gilded Blackstone Nugget:

Can be obtained by melting a Gilded Blackstone.

Gilded Blackstone Nugget

Gilded Blackstone Nugget Recipe

Gilded Blackstone Ingot:

Can be crafted with Gilded Blackstone Nugget.

Gilded Blackstone Ingot

Gilded Blackstone Ingot Recipe

Spell Twister [Bugged, Is Being Fixed]

Spell Twister:

Spell Twister Model

Player with Spell Twister

Spell Twister Description



Q: What is the use of totems here?

A: This weapon, "Spell Twister", can not cast custom spells until you hold the totem in your offhand. According to which totem you equip, you will receive its buffs.

Displayed Buff from a Totem

1. Totem Of Vulcan:

Totem Of Vulcan


  • When you hit an entity with Spell Twister with Totem Of Vulcan in your offhand, it will burn.
  • When you interact with Spell Twister with Totem Of Vulcan in your offhand, it creates a circle where all entities are damaged by 1 every tick.

Totem Of Vulcan: Ability

2. Totem Of Aurora:

Totem Of Aurora


  • When you hit a mob, you get a boost in defence
  • When you interact with Spell Twister with Totem Of Aurora in your offhand, it creates a circle where all players get buffs

Totem Of Aurora: Ability

Crafting Recipe:

Spell Twister Recipe

Totem Of Aurora Recipe

Totem Of Vulcan Recipe

Extra Stuff:

Extra Stuff

New Entity: Shiny Slime

Shiny Slime

This is a new mob added which only spawns in plains biome at light level 0-7 and drops a new item: Manamar.

New Item: Manamar


This new item can be dropped from Shiny Slime in an amount of 1-2 and is required to craft the new magic item.

Sonic Blade

Sonic Blade:

Sonic Blade Model



Each time you hit a mob, an area of damage cloud spawns, damaging all mobs in the area.

Sonic Blade Attack


Interacting shoots sonic boom that damages mobs in an area.

Sonic Blade Ability

Crafting Recipe:

Sonic Blade Recipe


Each time you kill a warden, it drops warden leather, which is used to make the blade.

Warden Leather

Mana Feature

Each weapon that has an interact ability, uses Mana to activate it.

Mana Indicators

Basic Hammer Mana Indicator

How Does It Work?

There are 3 bars in one mana bottle. You start with a fully empty bottle, and it takes 10 seconds to fill each bar, so 30 seconds to fill the entire bottle. Each interact ability takes 1 bar to use, once you use the ability, 1 bar gets removed from your mana bar, and it starts to regenerate again.

You can decrease the time of mana generation (30 sec -> 15 sec) by having the Mana Star in your offhand.

Mana Star Recipe

Mana Star

Additional Features:


Pure Essence:

Pure Essence

Pure Essence can be obtained by killing an Elder Guardian, you will get 2 essences.
You can use this essence to make different essences, and you can use it in Magic Crafter.

All Essences

Crimson Essence Recipe

Ruin Essence Recipe

All Essence Trades

Magic Crafter

Magic Crafter Model

"Used To Make Magic Weapons"

Crimson Weapons Trades in Magic Crafter

Magic Crafter Recipe

Item Cooldown

Item Cooldown:

After using interaction ability and some weapons attack ability, all weapons go into a cooldown of 2.5 seconds shown by a custom icon in-game. While the weapons are in cooldown, you cannot use other interaction abilities.

Item Cooldown: Demonstration

Weapons Book

A: Once you load in a world, you will be given an item called Book of Knowledge. Interacting with it will tell you what each weapon does.

Book of Knowledge: Screenshot 1

Book of Knowledge: Screenshot 2

You can also craft this book if you ever lose it:

Book of Knowledge Recipe

Thanks to beta boys from my Discord!
Especially, jun2006, andrewshovelfox, flyingcookie9058 for their help in playtesting the addon and giving their reviews and ideas. Thanks, guys!

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2. You should not upload this addon to any other website without my permission.

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Updated on July 12

Update Log v1.13:

[Addon Converted To Non Experimental]

[Addon Converted To Non Player.json]

  1. Spell Twister Fixed
  2. Totem Of Aurora Fixed
  3. Totem Of Vulcan Fixed
  4. New Weapon: Void Blade
  5. New Entity: Void Protector
  6. New Item: Manamar
  7. New Recipe Added to Magic Crafter
v1.12a / July 03 / Old Update
  1. Urgent Update: FIxed Bug of Mana Bar Not Showing
  2. Skull Wand Added Back
v1.12 / June 19 / Old Update

Update Log v1.12:

  1. War Hammer New Ability
  2. Magma Hammer New Ability
  3. Circus Cluster New Ability
  4. Magic Crafter New Recipe
v1.11 / June 06 / Old Update

Update Log v1.11:

  • New Weapon: Crimson Blade
  • New Weapon: Crimson Slicer
  • New Weapon: Crimson Vest
  • New item: Crimson Essence
  • New item: Pure Essence
  • New Crafting Table: Magic Crafter
  • Bug Fix: Shuriken Not Removing After Use If You Have One
  • New Youtube Showcase
  • ModBay Page Update
v1.10 / May 30 / Old Update

Update Log v1.10:

  • New Legendary Weapon: Sonic Blade
  • New Weapon Ability: Circus Curse
  • Bug Fix: Added War Weapons To Book Of Knowledge
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Name Issue With Magam Blade
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Problem With Nightmare Heart Fragment Drop Problem
  • New Youtube Showcase
  • ModBay Page Update
v1.9 / May 27 / Old Update

Update Log v1.9:

  • New Weapon: Magma Hammer
  • New Weapon: Celestial Hammer
  • New Weapon: Celestial Blade
  • New Item: Celestial Cookie
  • New Item: Celestial Ingot
  • ModBay Page Update
  • New Video Showcase
v1.8 / May 15 / Old Update

Update Log v1.8:

  • New Weapon: War Axe
  • New Weapon: War Hammer
  • New Weapon: War Mace
  • Weapons Nerf: Skull Wand Cooldown increased
  • ModBay Page Update
v1.7 / April 27 / Old Update

Update Log v1.7:

  • Added New Feature: New Totem Using Feature
  • Weapon Nerf: Totem Of Vulcan Only Throws One Circle
  • Weapon Nerf: Totem Of Aurora Lost Its Self Heal Ability
v1.6 / April 14 / Old Update

Update Log v1.6:

  • Added New Weapon: Blood Cracker
  • Added New Weapon: Mana Cracker
  • Added New Item: Nightmare Heart Fragment
  • Added New Item: Nightmare Heart
  • Added New Item: Book Of Knowledge
  • Added New Way of Seeing Weapon Ability
  • New Banner
  • New Youtube Showcase
v1.5 / April 09 / Old Update

Update Log v1.5:

  • New Mana feature
  • New way to view abilities
  • Added New Weapon Ability: Mummy Spawner
  • Weapon Change: All weapons that had cooldown changed to 2
  • Weapon Change: All weapons require Mana to use
  • Item Change: Manamar texture changed
  • Added New Item: Mana Star
  • Added New Entity: Mummy
  • Bug Fix: Totem Of Aurora is now required to yse SelfHeal ability
v1.4a / March 31 / Old Update

Update Log v1.4a:

  • Added New Weapon: Shuriken
  • Added New Ability: Self heal to Totem Of Aurora
  • Huge Lag FIX!!! "Doesn't cause the entire world to delay if playing on a server"
v1.4 / March 25 / Old Update

Update Log v1.4:

  • Added New Weapon: Spell Twister
  • Added New Item: Totem Of Vulcan
  • Added New Item: Totem Of Aurora
  • Added New Entity: Shiney Slime
  • Added New Item: Manamar
  • New Addition: New rarity system
  • Changes: Skull Wand went from Legendary to Rare
  • Now Works For 1.20.71
v1.3 / March 14 / Old Update

Update Log v1.3:

  • Added New Armor: Reinforced Netherite Helmet [Ability]
  • Added New Armor: Reinforced Netherite Chestplate [Ability]
  • Added New Armor: Reinforced Netherite Leggings
  • Added New Armor: Reinforced Netherite Boots [Ability]
  • Bug Fix: Recipe Dosent Pre Unlocks For Some Things
  • Now Works For 1.20.70
v1.2 / March 11 / Old Update

Update Log v1.2:

  • Added New Weapon: Gilded Scythe
  • Added New Item: Gilded Blackstone Nugget
  • Added New Item: Gilded Blackstone Ingot
  • Added Use To: Gilded Blackstone
  • New Video Showcase
v1.1 / March 05 / Old Update

Update Log v1.1:

  • Added Empty Leggins Bottle
  • Added Regen Leggins Bottle
  • Added Defence Leggins Bottle
  • Added Night Vision Leggins Bottle
  • Added Strength Leggins Bottle
  • Added Reinforced Netherite Ingot
  • Added Reinforced Netherite Sword Lv1
  • Added Reinforced Netherite Sword Lv2
  • Added Reinforced Netherite Sword Lv3
  • Custom Ability For All Weapons
  • Better ModBay Page
  • New Video Showcase
v1.0 / March 02 / Old Update

New Weapons:

  • Circus Cluster
  • Basic Hammer, Basic Hammer [Lightning], Basic Hammer [Slower], Basic Hammer [Miner]
  • Skul Wand

New Items:

  • Potion Of Legbreak
  • Potion Of Stink
  • Heal Herb
  • Circus Ingot
  • Steel Stone Ingot

New Armor:

  • Circus Hat

New Blocks:

  • Poison Bone Block
  • Steel Stone Block

New Structure:

  • Bone Base
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