Land Claim v1 [Supports 1.20.50]

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This addon will protect your areas from other players. No one can break, place, or interact with blocks, and there are no explosions in your area. No one will be able to rob you or ruin your area!

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Warning: this addon works only in versions +1.20.40

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This is a showcase about the addon:

How to get the Protection Tool:

6 iron blocks and 1 flint

Protection Tool Recipe

How to Create an Area

Creating an Area: Screenshot 1

Creating an Area: Screenshot 2

Creating an Area: Screenshot 3

Creating an Area: Screenshot 4

First, in order to determine your area, you can just hold the protection tool item in your hand and go to the beginning of the area and make sure that you set Shift, then press Right Click, and particles will be placed, and a message will be sent to the player informing him of the starting coordinates that he chose. The same thing also applies when you want to specify the end coordinates of the area and make sure the addon will make you set the start and end coordinates, but if you try to set other coordinates, it will prevent you. When you set the coordinates with this method, it will automatically add the coordinates to the form, or you can do it manually too :)

If you want to see the boundaries of your area and you are an admin, you can enter your area and hold shift, and the boundaries will appear to you as you see in the picture. However, if the player inside the region has no powers and is not an admin, the boundaries will be shown to him as soon as he moves.

This is ShadowGem184897 area

List of Areas

List of Areas: Screenshot 1

List of Areas: Screenshot 2

List of Areas: Screenshot 3

Here you can see all your areas, and when you click on one of them, it will show you the players who have permission to interact with this area, and you can remove them if you want to, but you cannot remove yourself, and also the players to whom you gave permission will not be able to remove the owner of the area.

Give Access to Players

Give Access to Players: Screenshot

Here you can give permissions to the players you want to interact with your area, such as your friends or your partner at home. You can now give him the authority to interact with the area, such as breaking blocks, placing them, and interacting with them. All you need to do is specify the area, and of course, only the areas that you created will appear to you, not the ones you have permission for, and so on. The second is that the player must be in the world. Choose the area and the player and click Submit, and you will have been able to give him permissions. In order to remove him, go to your regions in the previous option and select the region. The players who have the permission for that area will appear before you and remove him.

Delete Option

Delete Option: Screenshot

Here your area will appear and you can delete the region you want.

Admin Panel

Admin Panel: Screenshot 1

To see the admin panel button you must have the admin tag use this command โ†“โ†“โ†“

/tag @s add admin

Admin Panel: Screenshot 2

Admin Panel: Screenshot 3

#Option 1: All Areas

This option will show you all the protected areas that players have taken within the world or your server

Option 1: All Areas: Screenshot 1

Option 1: All Areas: Screenshot 2

When you choose one of these areas, it will show you some information about it, such as the owner of the area, its beginning and end, as well as the surface that this area takes, in addition to two options. The first will delete the area, for example, if it is an area inside the spawn or a vandalized area, then the admin has the right to delete it and he can also teleport to it through the option.

#Option 2: Clear All Areas

Option 2: Clear All Areas: Screenshot

This option will enable you to delete and clear all protected areas within the world or your server, and it is equivalent to restarting or resetting the addon.

That's all, I hope you like it!

If you do not understand any of what I explained, you can watch this vdeo in which I explain the addon in detail โ†“โ†“โ†“

Required Experiments:

Required Experiments for the Land Claim Addon

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