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Have you ever thought about having ore chests with different storage capacities? Well, this add-on does that.

Chests and Their Capabilities:

New Ore Chests: Screenshot

  • Copper Chest: 36 slots;
  • Iron Chest: 54 slots;
  • Amethyst Chest: 72 slots;
  • Golden Chest: 81 slots;
  • Diamond Chest: 108 slots;
  • Emerald Chest: 126 slots;
  • Netherite Chest: 180 slots.

How to Have the Double Chest:

Note: Chests can double their storage capacity when in their double form.

Note: If you place an item in the Chest slots in its double form and break it, you may find that it has disappeared, but it is not because you need to break it all.

How to Have the Double Chest


Copper Chest UI

Iron Chest UI

Amethyst Chest UI

Golden Chest UI

Diamond Chest UI

Emerald Chest UI

Netherite Chest UI


This is v2 of the add-on with bug fixes and a new chest, now it is working on 1.20.60++

New Chest:

  • Sculk Chest: 252 slots.

Sculk Chest: Screenshot


Sculk Chest UI

New item:

  • This item will be used to craft the Sculk Chest, it will be found in the Ancient City!

Sculk Chest Template

Required Experiments:

Features that need to be activated:

Required Experiments for More Chests Addon

  • The add-on has translation into Portuguese and English!

Updated on February 21

  • Updated to 1.20.60
  • Added new Sculk Chest
Changelog for December 20 / Old Update
  • Updated to 1.20.50
Download links
RES for 1.20.60
BEH for 1.20.60
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  1. No avatar image Heston
    The mod appears to function on dedicated bedrock-server- However, it is currently heavily logging the following errors.

    [Scripting] Error: The event minecraft:components does not exist on minecraft:item at <anonymous> (MoreChests-API.js:6)
    1. No avatar image Heston
      It looks like this also eventually crashes the server.
  2.  profile avatarDzak0b profile avatar Dzak0b
    When you turn on the appropriate functions, you start the world and after placing any crate does not open and, as it were, becomes an ordinary block that can be destroyed. I do not know if version 1.20.50 or the latest has an effect on this.
    1. Hello friend, so this is because 1.20.50 bugged it. But don't worry, I'll fix it
      1.  profile avatarDzak0b profile avatar Dzak0b
        Thank you for your reply and I am waiting for the fix update