You Can Not Die Addon

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Do you hate dying to some of the most powerful mobs and weapons? Don't worry, this addon will help you. It gives you some kind of invincibility byย applying all the positive effects and increasing your health to 250!


You Can Not Die Addon: Screenshot 1

You Can Not Die Addon: Screenshot 2


This addon uses player.json, so it won't be compatible with some addons that also use it!

Download links
Download You Can Not Die Addon[mcaddon, 203.67 Kb]
Supported versions
1.20.50 1.20.40
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  1. 8Crafter profile avatar 8Crafter
    My add-on which I released a few months ago (8Crafterโ€™s Entity Scale, NBT, and Behavior Modifier, Bossbar, and Morph Add-on) actually allows you to become fully invincible to everything, even the /kill command.