Ore Trees

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Have you ever thought about having Minecraft trees? So, this add-on does that. It comes with 8 types of ore trees, all of them from overworld ores.


  • This add-on has translations into Portuguese and English;
  • Any type of bug report in the comments;
  • To get the ores, just break the trunk to get the specific ore from each one;
  • The tree growth style is the same as in Minecraft.

All Additional Trees:

All Additional Trees

  • Coal Tree;
  • Copper Tree;
  • Iron Tree;
  • Gold Tree;
  • Diamond Tree;
  • Emerald Tree;
  • Lรกpis Lazuli Tree;
  • Redstone Tree.

Required Experiments:

Features that need to be activated:

Required Experiments for the Ore Trees Addon

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