Infinity Blade

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The Original Infinity Blade Addon I Created. This adds yet another overpowered weapon. Models and Textures Used Made By Nongko (Java) And Ported to Bedrock By FieryAbyss.

Infinity Blade:

The Infinity Bladeย is yet another overpowered sword that surpasses all before! Before I get into the moves, I will tell you how to craft it! This crafting is special as it does not use a crafting table. Instead, you will need to throw the components on the ground in a pile. The items needed will be: 1x Block of Gold, 1x Block of Diamond, 1x Nether Star. Once you throw all the items on the ground, a cool formation of spinning blades will appear. Stand back and admire them in awe for a while. The blades will disappear, and blue lightning will strike the ground, summoning the Infinity Blade.

Summoning Infinity Blade

Showcase Video:

Download links
Infinity Blade MCADDON
Infinity Blade ZIP
Supported versions
1.20.50 1.20.40 1.20.30 1.20.10 1.20.0 1.19.80
  1. Skollum profile avatar Skollum
    Video Link:
  2. No avatar image R
    The add-on works only if you're using the English language. Can you fix that?
    1. Skollum profile avatar Skollum
      What breaks without the english language?
      1. Skollum profile avatar Skollum
        Ahhh I see the problem, I didnt know that could happen.
        1. Skollum profile avatar Skollum
          Cuz its summoned by detecting if "Block Of Diamond" ,"Block of Gold" and "Nether Star" are within 2 blocks of the player and those are only the english names๐Ÿค”
          1. Skollum profile avatar Skollum
            I'm assuming the only problem is the summoning recipe not working.

            The only way to fix that is to take these two commands:

            execute as @a at @s if entity @e[name="Block of Gold",r=2] if entity @e[name="Block of Diamond",r=2] if entity @e[name="Nether Star",r=2] run function summon_blade

            kill @e[name="Block Of Diamond",r=4]

            kill @e[name="Block Of Gold",r=4]

            kill @e[name="Nether Star",r=4]
          2. Skollum profile avatar Skollum
            and put the items in every language
          3. No avatar image R
            Perhaps you could use block IDs or internal names instead. I'm sure there must be something like that in Minecraft
          4. Skollum profile avatar Skollum
            I'll see.
    2. Skollum profile avatar Skollum
      What languages should I translate it to?