Armoury Offense

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This Add-on adds various medieval cannons and weapons to your game. All of the weapons have crafting recipes and can be used in survival and multiplayer. Have fun with the Armoury Offense Addon!


  • Normal Cannon (Cannonball type: normal cannonball)


  • Slime Cannon (Cannonball type: slime cannonball)

Slime Cannon

  • Sheep Cannon (Cannonball type: sheep cannonball)

Sheep Cannon

  • Volley Gun (Cannonball type: normal cannonball)

Volley Gun

Cannons can be loaded by right-clicking with their respective cannonball and then fired using a flint and steel.

The Volley Gun can be loaded with up to 5 cannonballs.

It will also deal damage to any mobs that stand on the spikes in front of it.

The cannons can also be moved around by right-clicking with an empty hand.

Additionally, there are boat versions for the normal, slime and sheep cannons that can float on water.

Battering Ram

It can also be moved by right clicking without sneaking.

Battering Ram

Fire Bucket

When right-clicking while holding the Fire Bucket, you can throw water, which will extinguish an area of fire.

Fire Bucket

Crafting Recipes

Crafting Recipes

Cannonball Recipe

Slime Cannonball Recipe

Sheep Cannonball Recipe

Cannon Recipe

Slime Cannon Recipe

Sheep Cannon Recipe

Cannon Boat Recipe

Slime Cannon Boat Recipe

Sheep Cannon Boat Recipe

Volley Gun Recipe

Battering Ram Recipe

How to play page

How to play page

You can find explanations on how to use each weapon in the "How to Play" menu.
This is how you can access the menu:

Step 1: Open your inventory and click on the question mark in the top right

How to play page: Step 1

Step 2: Select one of the categories in the "Armoury Offense" section

How to play page: Step 2

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