The Escapists Hourly Music Addon

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Escape the silence with this addon! This addon makes music play according to in-game daytime, just like in the game The Escapists! It also uses the time schedule from the Center Perks prison!

This is a simple addon I made while learning Script API, I'll need scripts if I want to finish a certain map I'm making, anyway it turns out this addon works very well, so I decided to publish it here!

Current Features:

  • Plays music according to in-game daytime, using the Center Perks prison schedule
  • Music will auto-play when you quit and re-enter the world
  • Multiplayer friendly, music will restart when someone joins so everyone can hear it!
  • Includes 6 themes, 7 alternating Free Time themes and 1 not so secret music
  • Lightweight and optimized, only does the necessary so it doesn't cause any performance issues
  • Volume can be adjusted using the Music slider in Audio Settings

Showcase Video:

Here's a video if you want to see it in action:

You can find the game here:

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