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A block that extracts ores like diamonds, iron, coal, gold, red stone, emerald and everything that is found, such as stone, obsidian, dirt, etc. And of course, lava, and water will not be a nuisance to the machine.

# How does it work?

Simply place the quarry block on the ground, tap on it, and it will show you the size of the area that needs to be cleared of blocks for the quarry to build.

For the quarry to be built, you must hit one of the four screens that will appear around that area until it turns green. If the screen remains red, it means that there are blocks in the construction area.

Once the quarry is built, you can touch one of the four screens around the quarry to open the settings.

You will find four different quarry blocks: the small packed quarry, the medium packed quarry, the large packed quarry, and the packed explosive quarry, each with different excavation sizes.

  • Small Quarry: 7x7
  • Medium Quarry: 11x11
  • Large Quarry: 15x15

# Quarry settings options:

Quarry Settings

  • Destroy: Activation will destroy the quarry and return the packed quarry to you. (The drill must be retracted)
  • Retract drill: This option will retract the drill once you have finished using the quarry.
  • Ignore alerts: If this option is enabled, the quarry will not stop if it finds indestructible blocks in the digging zone, unless the blocks are directly below the drill:

Ignore Alerts: OFF and ON

  • Max power: This option allows you to dig twice as fast in exchange for more fuel. (+3 de redstone per layer)
  • Silk touch: This allows you to obtain blocks such as glass, ores, chests, and many more in their original state. (+2 redstone per layer)
  • Quarry On/Off: It will activate and deactivate the quarry if it has fuel and there are no alerts.
  • Redstone/Fuel: In this slider, you can add and remove redstone with a maximum storage of 999 redstone. (Above this option, you can see the redstone available in your inventory)

To apply all these settings, you must press the save settings button.

# Crafting

Packed Small Quarry Recipe

Packed Medium Quarry Recipe

Packed Large Quarry Recipe

# Screenshots

Quarry Add-On: Screenshot 1

Quarry Add-On: Screenshot 2

Quarry Add-On: Screenshot 3

Quarry Add-On: Screenshot 4

# More info

  • The quarry consumes one redstone per layer
  • To retract the drill, you need at least one redstone.
  • Opening the settings of the quarry will temporarily stop it.
  • Only one player at a time can open the settings of a quarry
  • You can rotate the outlet tube of the items if you interact with its center.
  • You can find the crafts on the crafting table in survival mode.
  • You can slide down the drill pipe if you interact with it. Going up or down will depend on whether you look down or up.
  • Water and lava won't be a problem for the quarry, but maybe it will be for you.
  • You can find the packed quarries in the construction tab of creative mode.
  • The explosive quarry will be available for the next update.

Youtube video with the basic explanation:

# How to install

  • Download and install the behavior pack and resource pack.
  • Activate both the behavior and the resource pack in your world settings.
  • Activate the options "Holiday Creator Features", "Upcoming Creator Features", "Beta APIs", and "Molang Features" for the correct operation of the addon.

Required Experiments for the Quarry Add-On

More features will be added in a future update.

Updated on April 27

  • Updated for Minecraft 1.20.80+
Changelog for March 16 / Old Update
  • The addon works correctly again in Minecraft 1.20.70
Changelog for February 08 / Old Update
  • The addon works correctly again in Minecraft 1.20.60
  • Small changes
Download links
Quarry Addon (.mcaddon) (1.20.80+)
Quarry Addon (.mcaddon) (1.20.70)
Quarry Addon (.mcaddon) (1.20.60)
Supported versions
1.20.80 1.20.70 1.20.60
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