Dungeon Items

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A small add-on that adds 6 new items to the structures.

Golden Clock

When you use this item, it becomes day if it is night, and night if it is day. Can be found in monster spawner.

Monster Spawner

Golden Clock

Milk Potion

It takes away all the negative effects. Can be found in igloos.


Milk Potion

Green Apple

Gives resistance for 10 seconds. Can be found in mineshaft.

Green Apple in the Chest

Hellish Hot Pepper

Gives speed for 5 seconds and fire resistance for 15 seconds. Can be found in nether fortress

Hellish Hot Pepper in the Chest

Sculk Potion

You become invulnerable to all attacks for 10 seconds, but you gain a Blindness effect for 1 minute. Can be found in ancient city.

Sculk Potion in the Chest

Copper Amethyst Goat Horn

Causes a thunderstorm. Can be found in pillager outpost.

Copper Amethyst Goat Horn in the Chest


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