Rex RPG Quest +60 quests, +100 items, and lots of fun for your Minecraft!

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This is the most complete RPG addon in the world! With realistic villagers NPCs, with 4 bosses, more than 100 items, several structures, and lots of adventure!!!

Hey! I'm Mr Rex Royal, and I bring you another addon! Let's go!

Select your Language!

When entering the world with addon for the first time, you must look for an addon NPC (they spawn in addon villages and structures) to select your language (there are 3 options: English, Portuguese and Spanish). To do this, you must be MANDATORY in SURVIVAL mode! If you don't select your language, the addon will not work correctly.

Select your Language Dialog

Addon NPCs

they spawn in villages or in addon structures


Almost all Adobe NPCs have a profession, such as blacksmith, miner, farmer, etc., and what they have in common are these two options.

NPCs Professions: Screenshot 1


NPCs Sales: Screenshot 1

"Do you have any items for sale?"

NPCs Sales: Screenshot 2

NPCs Sales: Screenshot 3

When clicking on the option, the NPC will open an exchange interface (like that of the villagers). The exchanges vary, and may have different prices and items in each NPC.

Street Vendors

Street Vendors: Screenshot 1

Street Vendors: Screenshot 2

There are street vendors that spawn in the addon's villages (except the snow village), they sell several good items, and after a while they leave...

Hiring NPCs

Hiring NPCs: Screenshot 1

"I want to hire your services"

By selecting this option, you can pay for the NPC's services. For example, you can pay the miner to mine for you.

Hiring NPCs: Screenshot 2

Hiring NPCs: Screenshot 3

Or for the librarian to enchant your items.

Hiring NPCs: Screenshot 4

The blacksmith will forge new swords for you, etc...

Hiring NPCs: Screenshot 5

The addon has several professions, such as cleric, cook, archaeologist, woodcutter and...

NPCs Professions: Screenshot 2

The Guards

The Guards: Screenshot 1

The Guards: Screenshot 2

The Guards: Screenshot 3

The guards patrol the village, attacking any monster that tries to invade, while the archers stay in their watchtowers, shooting arrows at the enemies (they also attack the player, if he is a threat to the village... I will talk about this later)

The Clerics

The Clerics: Screenshot 1

The Clerics: Screenshot 2

Clerics patrol the village, healing other villagers.


Wizards: Screenshot 1

Wizards: Screenshot 2

Wizards summon golems to protect villages.

Talking NPCs

The addon's NPCs talk too! (it's difficult to show this through text, so I'll leave this link)

Talking NPCs: Screenshot

The addon's NPCs speak in English, Portuguese and Spanish!

Quest System

The addon has several quests, and they work like this... when talking to NPCs, they can give you a mission, for example, when talking to "Guilherme the guard"

Quest System: Screenshot 1

He will explain to you that he wants to exchange his old iron sword for a diamond one, and give you the quest "a slight upgrade" in which if you bring him a diamond sword, he will reward you with some emeralds!

Quest System: Screenshot 2

There are many quests... such as the "ork hunt" quest, where you have to defeat 10 ork warriors.

Quest System: Screenshot 3

Or the "lost child" quest (a "detective" style quest) where you have to find the lost daughter of a villager...

Quest System: Screenshot 4

Quest System: Screenshot 5

But if you like more action, the addon has quests like "the war of the ogres" where you have to invade the terrible ork village and defeat the Ork King (a boss in the addon)

Quest System: Screenshot 6

The addon has more than 60 quests, and they can only be done once per player, several quests have "alternative endings" in which, depending on your choices, you can have a better or worse reward... the quest rewards also vary a lot... the player can earn ores (mainly emeralds), swords (mainly swords from the addon) or magical items, amulets, and reputation...

Quest System: Screenshot 7

Honor or Reputation System

Reputation System: Screenshot 1

In the right corner of the player's screen, there is the reputation counter. How does it work? Simple!

Reputation System: Screenshot 2

If you do "good deeds" (like helping villagers, or making good decisions in quests), you gain more reputation, but if you do "bad deeds" (like beating villagers or making bad decisions in quests), you lose reputation...

What does this change in your gameplay? Simple... changes everything!

Reputation System: Screenshot 3

Reputation System: Screenshot 4

If you have a high reputation, the NPCs will send you gifts, and the village cleric will heal you for free!

Reputation System: Screenshot 5

But if your reputation is low, the cleric will apply negative effects to you, and ask you to leave the village...

Reputation System: Screenshot 6

With the negative reputation... the village captain has a chance to order a hunt for the player! (If this happens, all the guards in the village will become aggressive, and will attack you. This effect is only valid within the perimeter of the village in which the captain has jurisdiction, so if this happens, go to another village and increase your reputation, so that the captain stops hunting him!)

Reputation System: Screenshot 7

There are quests that you can only do if you have a certain level of reputation... so please take good care of the villagers :)

Class System

There is something you can do once you reach 100 reputation... you can choose a class!

But first, you will have to undergo training... for example:

Cleric Class

Cleric Class: Screenshot 1

If you choose the cleric class, you will have to talk to Silás the wise man (he lives above the church in the village of Greem Valley). He is an old retired cleric... who will teach you! Class training consists of a sequence of several quests (which involve collecting items, killing monsters, etc...) ha! You will also receive class-exclusive items throughout this training... such as...

Cleric Class: Screenshot 2

The blessed sword (which deals area damage) and the cleric's amule.

Cleric Class: Screenshot 3

Cleric Class: Screenshot 4

Cleric Class: Screenshot 5

Finally... you will have to pass a "final test" which in the cleric class involves invading the "temple of the ancestors" (one of the biggest dungeons in the addon) and facing the King of Nightmares!

Cleric Class: Screenshot 6

(Another boss in the addon, he has two phases and several attacks that involve summoning monsters and applying the blinding effect to the player)

Cleric Class: Screenshot 7

And then, after talking to silas the wise man again... you will receive the powers of the cleric class, which involves healing other villagers (or players). You will have random potions from time to time and this explosion power! As a cleric, you will also have access to quests exclusive to the cleric class.

Mage Class

Mage Class: Screenshot 1

For those who choose the wizard class, you will first have to do the two quests from Magnus the wizard (who spawns in the grass village, remembering that to do his second quest, you need to have more than 100 reputation)

Mage Class: Screenshot 2

Mage Class: Screenshot 3

Mage Class: Screenshot 4

After that, he will give you an invitation to study at the legendary drunland magic school!

Mage Class: Screenshot 5

Here you will have to go through 4 wizard teachers, together with your class, going through tests and taking tests...

Mage Class: Screenshot 6

Like the duel of honor, where you face several wizards in an arena.

Mage Class: Screenshot 7

Just like the cleric class, you will also have to pass a final test, which involves fighting the black mage (another boss in the addon) but I don't want to spoil that part...

Mage Class: Screenshot 8

Mage Class: Screenshot 9

Mage Class: Screenshot 10

When you finish the test, you will receive the powers of the mage class, which involve being immune to fire, infinite teleportation, and having access to exclusive missions!

Mage Class: Screenshot 11

(Like any good wizard, you will also have access to several wands, scrolls, and magical staffs, you receive them throughout your class training)

Bosses and Monsters

The addon has 3 types of monsters:


Bandits: Screenshot

Plains and forests, drop stolen items (which you can return to the Greem Valley village in exchange for emeralds).

El Lorenzo

El Lorenzo: Screenshot

The leader of the bandits, and boss of the addon, you face him in the quest "Greem Valley's counter attack".

The Ogres

The Ogre: Screenshot

They spawn on snowy plains, there are two variants: the warrior ogre (which roars) and the shaman ogre (which heals other ogres).

The Ogre King

The Ogre King: Screenshot

The powerful and greedy king of beasts, a boss, spawns in the ogre village, you face him in the quest "the war of the ogres".

The Ghosts

The Ghosts: Screenshot 1

The Ghosts: Screenshot 2

The Ghosts: Screenshot 3

Has 2 variants, the nightmares that spawn in the addon's dungeons, and the ghosts that spawn in the swamp biome.

Sabrina the Witch: Screenshot

(Ghosts are immune to damage from most weapons, the only sword capable of harming them is the ghost sword, talk to the NPC Sabrina the Witch... for more details!)

The King of Nightmares

The King of Nightmares: Screenshot

A boss, a sinister creature, hidden deep within the temple of the ancestors! (You face him at the end of the cleric class training)

The Black Wizard

The Black Wizard: Screenshot

A wizard, corrupted by his own greed! You face him at the end of your mage class training!


The addon has 4 main structures and villages:

Greem Valley

Greem Valley: Screenshot

(A prosperous village on the plains)


Drumland: Screenshot

(The legendary village of wizards)

Zilma Outpost

Zilma Outpost: Screenshot 1

Zilma Outpost: Screenshot 2

(An important trading post) both spawn in the plains biome.

Nova Esperança

Nova Esperança: Screenshot 1

Nova Esperança: Screenshot 2

(An isolated village, on the edge of the world, spawns in the snowy plain biome)

NPC Houses

NPC House: Screenshot

Spawn around the world.


Dungeons: Screenshot 1

Dungeons: Screenshot 2

Dungeons: Screenshot 3

Dungeons: Screenshot 4

There are several structures, they range from enemy camps to entire villages!


Keys: Screenshot 1

Keys: Screenshot 2

In some structures, you will find a lock block. To open it, just place the key in the same color as the block! (You get these keys by doing the addon quests)

Gigantic Dungeon: Screenshot

These passages give access to the addon's gigantic dungeons!

Swords and Tools

Swords and Tools: Screenshot 1

Swords and Tools: Screenshot 2

The addon has more than 100 items, which range from magical swords, staffs, wands, and amulets (they give upgrades to the addon's swords and tools) and magical items (none of the addon's items have crafts, you get them by negotiating with NPCs, like rewards for doing quests or finding them in chests in dungeons).

NPC Protection System

NPC Protection System: Screenshot 1

If you hit the NPCs several times, you will have to pay a fine to the village governor (to clear your name).

NPC Protection System: Screenshot 2

But if you insist on hitting the NPCs, you will be banned from all villages in the addon (the guards became aggressive and will attack you whenever they see you).

NPC Protection System: Screenshot 3

But if this happens, talk to captain Gael... he can give you a second chance.

NPC Protection System: Screenshot 4


The addon was tested on versions 1.20.50 and 1.20.60. Don't forget to activate the experimental gameplay. If you are going to record a video about my addon, PLEASE leave the download link to this page THIS ADDON IS EXCLUSIVE TO THE MCPEDL AND MODBAY SITE, I am not responsible for bugs or failures of addons downloaded from "unreliable" sources If you want to know more about this addon visit...

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Thanks to everyone who participated!

Installation Guide

Download the addon in .mcaddon and just click on it, and it will automatically import into Minecraft. BUT SOMETIMES THIS PROCESS MAY FAIL. If this happens, DOWNLOAD IN .ZIP and import the addon manually into your game, IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO IT, SEE...

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