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Welcome to Project Pixel Acceleracers [PPA], this is my main Minecraft Bedrock project making Hot Wheels Acceleracers universe, also welcome to Season 3 of PPA update, now all in one download, and every vehicle had unique their abilities from team TEKU, METAL MANIACS, RACING DRONES, SILENCERZ, and ACCELEDROME CREW. All abilities will be explained at down below.


Basic Information:

Project Pixel Acceleracers Basic:

  • Welcome to PPA, I am Hot Wheels Acceleracers fans, this is my recreation from the movie Hot Wheel Acceleracers itself adapt to Minecraft, if you don't know about Hot Wheels Acceleracers, you can watch the movie first if you want, for now let's take a tour about the addon.


  • Inventory: Chest Container.
  • Health: 20 Point.
  • Seat count: Depends on vehicle.
  • Wrench [Yellow]: Fixing 1 Point to the vehicle.
  • Wrench [Orange]: Tweaking Object.

Wrench (Yellow)

Wrench (Orange)

Track Changer:

  • This item can change track visuals.

Track Changer (Variant 1)

Track Changer (Variant 2)

Track Changer (Variant 3)

Track Changer (Variant 4)

Track Changer (Variant 5)

Icon Changer:

  • This item can change accessories visuals.

Icon Changer (Variant 1)

Icon Changer (Variant 2)

Icon Changer (Variant 3)

Icon Changer (Variant 4)

Icon Changer (Variant 5)


  • The Blue one is Full Nitrox2, use it carefully! You can use Nitrox2 only 3 times! So save it if you really need it. How to use it? It's the same thing as a pig! It's a re-textured Carrot on a Stick and Fishing Rod.

Full Nitrox2

Empty Nitrox2


Some cars don't require "Jump Button" to activate the abilities, they are already activated automatically. But now let's start the tutorial on how to use abilities.

Basic Vehicles:


  • [JUMP JET]: Use "Jump Button" to activate the abilities, same thing as horse.


  • [STRONGER]: It's already activated, just go through lava, and test some fall damage, it's stronger than other vehicles.


  • [PLASMA]: Use "Jump Button" to shot, it will shoot plasma to TEKU, METAL MANIACS, ACCELEDROME CREW. [FOR NOW, IT'S UNABLE]


  • [INVISIBLE]: Use "Jump Button" to Invisible mode, you will only have 20 seconds of invisible mode. [FOR NOW, IT'S UNABLE]



  1. 55 Chevy Nomad: can use Jump Jet, same as Teku have.
  2. Krazy8s: Increase speed when in Sand. [FOR NOW, IT'S UNABLE]

Special Vehicles:

  • Sweeper Drones: This vehicle can break through blocks.

In case you had troubles:

  1. How to kill the car? Use your fist or sword, crouch, then punch the car.
  2. The available language is only ENG for a moment.
  3. You don't need to turn on any experimental features.
  4. In case you want to spawn a car with command, any spaces are not required, example: "/summon teku:slingshot" even though that car has spaces in the name.
  5. Compatible with other addons, except the "Nitrox2", may overwrite/overlap the texture with the other packs if you use other packs.


Project Pixel Acceleracers Visual:

Teku Cars list:

  • Bassline, Spectyte, Deora II, Chicane, Sling Shot, Synkro, Reverb, High Voltage, Battle Spec, Power Rage, Nightlife.

Special Car:

  • Bassora [Unofficial].

Command/Egg to spawn:

  • Command: /summon teku:[CAR NAME]
  • Command: /summon teku:[CAR NAME].toys
  • Egg: Spawn [CAR NAME] | TEKU
  • Egg: Spawn [CAR NAME] | TEKU | Toys

Weakness: Lava [25 ticks to death]

Teku Cars: Screenshot 1

Teku Cars: Screenshot 2

Teku Cars: Screenshot 3

Metal Maniacs Cars list:

  • Hollowback, Flathead Fury, 70 Road Runner, Piledriver, Jack Hammer, Rivited, Rolling Thunder, Rat-ified, Spine Buster, Jaw Jammer.

Special Cars:

  • Old Smokey, Trailer Smokey [3]

Trailer List Old Smokey:

  • Smokey Flatbed, Smokey Flatbed Loaded, Smokey Nitrox Trailer.

Command/Egg to spawn:

  • Command: /summon metalmaniacs:[CAR NAME]
  • Command: /summon metalmaniacs:[CAR NAME].toys
  • Egg: Spawn [CAR NAME] | METAL MANIACS | Toys

Metal Maniacs Cars: Screenshot 1

Metal Maniacs Cars: Screenshot 2

Metal Maniacs Cars: Screenshot 3

Metal Maniacs Cars: Screenshot 4

Racing Drones Cars list:

  • RD01, RD02, RD03, RD04, RD05, RD06, RD07, RD08, RD09, RD10.

Special Car:

  • Sweeper Drones.

Command/Egg to spawn:

  • Command: /summon racingdrones:[CAR NAME]
  • Command: /summon racingdrones:[CAR NAME].toys
  • Egg: Spawn [CAR NAME] | RACING DRONES | Toys

Weakness: Lava [4 ticks to death]

Racing Drones Cars: Screenshot 1

Racing Drones Cars: Screenshot 2

Racing Drones Cars: Screenshot 3

Silencerz Cars list:

  • Technetium, Nitrium, Metaloid, Carbide, Octanium, Iridium, Anthracite, Accelium, Covelight, Magnesium.

Special Car:

  • [NONE]

Command/Egg to spawn:

  • Command: /summon silencerz:[CAR NAME]
  • Command: /summon silencerz:[CAR NAME].toys
  • Egg: Spawn [CAR NAME] | SILENCERZ
  • Egg: Spawn [CAR NAME] | SILENCERZ | Toys

Weakness: Lava [25 ticks to death]

Silencerz Cars: Screenshot 1

Silencerz Cars: Screenshot 2

Silencerz Cars: Screenshot 3

Acceledrome Crew Cars list:

  • Krazy8s, 55 Chevy Nomad, more cars are coming...

Special Car:

  • [NONE]

Command/Egg to spawn:

  • Command: /summon acceledromecrew:[CAR NAME]
  • Command: /summon acceledromecrew:[CAR NAME].toys
  • Egg: Spawn [CAR NAME] | ACCELEDROME CREW | Toys

Weakness: Lava [25 ticks to death]

Acceledrome Crew Cars: Screenshot


Toys Scale vs Real Size

"Use Invisibility Potion if you wanna ride the Toys Version"

Congratulations! Now you just changed to "Hot Wheels Beat That" game in Minecraft!

Toys Scale vs Real Size: Screenshot





Welcome to Project Pixel Acceleracers [PPA] by Hyperest Studios, only 1 person who made all this addon in my studio, and that is HyperF3GamerINDO. If you wanna share this addon, use MODBAY or Planet Minecraft links instead of direct links to Mediafire to support me. And I will continue Project Pixel Acceleracers [PPA], now enjoy the addon! More features and cars coming soon!


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