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Even wanted to experience how it would like if Metal Gear Rising was in Minecraft? If so, this is the perfect place for you!

About The Addon: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - The New Beginning

Everything about the Metal Gear Rising! This addon is still on it's very early stage, so there's still more to be added in future!


  • Add-on created by Spike Craft
  • Inspired by the Metal Gear Rising game by Platinum Games

Required Experiments:

Before using addon or anything, please make sure you turn these experiments on in the world settings before using the addon and your Minecraft version is 1.20.51 and above!

Required Experiments for Metal Gear Rising Addon

This Addon Includes:


Note: All of these bosses won't fight you unless you hit them, or you become Raiden (wip)
Fighting these bosses is almost of an impossible to beat without begin raiden (still not added yet) because the damage they deal doesn't get affected by armor, it's a bug I'm not sure if I would, can fix at some point, so it's best to use "Raiden Mask" to help you on.


Sundowner Boss

He was two phases, hammerhead will spawn to fight with him, they have 100 health

Clam Mode:

Sundowner Boss: Clam Mode

Phase 1:

  • Health: 1000
  • He have exploding shields that he sometimes can use to block attacks
  • This phase attacks are a bit slow
  • Multiple combat attacks you can find it by yourself

Sundowner Boss - Phase 1: Screenshot 1

Sundowner Boss - Phase 1: Screenshot 2

Phase 2:

You can get to his phase 2 by either keep damaging him, or by cutting his shields while becoming Raiden (WIP)

  • Health: 700
  • No longer having shields, but getting chance to damage him will be difficult
  • This phase attacks are faster
  • Multiple combat attacks, you can find it by yourself

Sundowner Boss - Phase 2: Screenshot 1

Sundowner Boss - Phase 2: Screenshot 2

Phase 3:

  • Hammerhead Health: 200
  • His last stage before death
  • Loot: Scissors (Sundowner Weapon)

Sundowner Boss - Phase 3: Screenshot

Weapons and Armor:

Scissors (Sundowner Weapon)

Deals 15 damage, but makes your attacks slower, that's what it all about currently.

Scissors: Screenshot

Raiden Mask

At the moment, raiden feature wasn't added yet, so here's this mask you can wear to help you a bit on fighting the bosses.

Raiden Mask: Screenshot

Unfinished Bosses:

Jetstream Sam and Armstrong are unfinished bosses you can summon by commands, even if they look like they are done, they will be completely different in future.

Not gonna explain their abilities since they are, you know, unfinished.

Jetstream Sam and Armstrong

Showcase Videos:

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