Dew's Tree Capitator

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Do you want a way to chop down a tree much more easily? Then this addon is just for you! This addon helps you chop down different trees much faster.

Dew's Tree Capitator: Demonstration

How to use:

  1. Sneak while holding an axe.
  2. Then break any trees to starting capitating it.

Be mindful of your axe durability.

Will it work with enchantments?

  • Yes, it works with unbreaking enchantment.
  • Only works with unbreaking enchantment.

Demonstration Video:

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Updated on June 30


  • Updated addon to use 1.11.0 stable version script
Changelog for June 16 / Old Update


  • Support for MC 1.21.0
  • Updated addon to use 1.21.0 stable version script
  • Updated script version 1.12.0-beta
Changelog for June 09 / Old Update

Fixed Bugs:

  • When breaking blocks without an axe, it produces an error
Changelog for May 05 / Old Update

MC 1.20.80 Version 7:

  • Updated Addon to Minecraft 1.20.80
Changelog for March 17 / Old Update

MC 1.20.70 Version 6:

  • Updated Addon to Minecraft 1.20.70
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