Cyber Sport | v1.4.5 Seat Position Update

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Looking for a modified Cyber Truck? then this is the place to download. I changed my mind if the Cyber Truck was cool enough, so I renamed the Cyber Truck itself to Cyber Sport because it looks more sporty than trucky. Yeah, I like some fantasy cars, they're cool.


Basic Information:

Cyber Sport Basic Specifications:


  • Speed: 5 Blocks/Seconds. [0.50 Speed]


  • Inventory: Chest container.
  • Health: 20 Points.
  • Seat count: 2.
  • Wrench: Fixes 1 point to the vehicle.

Wrench Item

  • Tweak: Changes the vehicle size.

Tweak Item


  • Use right-click/hold & tap to spray the vehicle.
Commands, Eggs and Colors Available to change:
  • /summon hp:cybersport_hoonigan [NONE]
  • /summon hp:cybersport_hoonigan.toys [NONE]
  • /summon hp:cybersport_compact [RED, BLACK, GRAY, BLUE, SYTHWAVE, SYTHWAVE WIND, HYPEREST]
  • /summon hp:cybersport_compact.toys [RED, BLACK, GRAY, BLUE, SYTHWAVE, SYTHWAVE WIND, HYPEREST]
  • /summon hp:cybersport_police [NONE]
  • /summon hp:cybersport_police.toys [NONE]
  • /summon hp:cybersport_drift [NONE]
  • /summon hp:cybersport_drift.toys [NONE]
  • /summon hp:cyber_quad_bike [NONE]
  • /summon hp:cyber_quad_bike.toys [NONE]
  • /summon hp:cybersport_offroad [NONE]
  • /summon hp:cybersport_offroad.toys [NONE]


Cyber Sport Visual:

Cyber Sport Spawn Eggs

Cyber Sport Sprays

Cyber Sport Van

Cyber Sport Drift

Cyber Sport Police

Cyber Sport Compact

Cyber Sport

Cyber Sport Offroad

Quad Bike


Toys Scale vs Real Size

"Use the Invisibilty Potion if you wanna ride the Toys Version"

Congratulations! Now you just changed to "Hot Wheels: Beat That!" game in Minecraft!

Toys Scale vs Real Size: Screenshot





  • This addon has Sounds, Animated Wheels, Emission Glow, Container, Wipers which will turn on automatic when hit with water and rain. Use Spray paint to paint the cars. How to use? Tap and hold if you're on touch devices, right click if you use keyboard and mouse :)


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Updated on May 15

๐Ÿ”ผUpdated List๐Ÿ”ผ

  1. Seat Position bug fixed.
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