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Give spice to your gameplay by bringing Java advancements into Bedrock Edition with this add-on! Featuring a Java-like popup display whenever you unlock an achievement or advancement!

Toast Pop-ups

Upon unlocking an advancement, like in the original Java edition, a pop-up message would appear. This feature has been implemented into this add-on:

Return to Sender Advancement Pop-up

Getting an Upgrade Advancement Pop-up 1

Monster Hunter Advancement Pop-up

Getting an Upgrade Advancement Pop-up 2

Advancements GUI

You can use the Log Book item which is given at the start of the game to view your currently unlocked achievements and advancements.

Advancements GUI: Screenshot 1

Advancements GUI: Screenshot 2

Installation Information

  • You need to enable Beta APIs under the Experiments tab when applying it in the world.
  • The pack works in multiplayer and on servers.
Download links
Download v4.1[mcaddon, 1.93 Mb]
Download v4.0[mcaddon, 1.32 Mb]
Supported versions
1.20.70 1.20.60 1.20.50 1.20.40
  1. JEST3RXP profile avatar JEST3RXP
    Doesnโ€™t work but cool concept
  2. It's not working for me. I have the experimental features on, and the book doesnt automatically show up in my inventory so i craft one and I am unable to open it.