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It's just a simple vehicle pack that adds over 13 new vehicles to the game. These items are only obtainable in creative or by using the /give @p ml:motorbike2 command.

It's just a simple vehicle pack that adds over 13 new vehicles to the game. These items are only obtainable in creative or by using the( /give @p ml:motorbike2) give command, they can be used to get around the map in style. These vehicles also utilize a fuel system, which is used to make them move and function. The fuel system uses one block per point on the scoreboard and can hold up to 10000. There are 6 different types of motorcycles included in this pack, and each main motorcycle has a miniature version that you can ride. Motorcycles can fit one player, whereas biplanes can fit two players and pick up other entities. Trucks can fit 3 people and also provide extra storage space. The new Pontoon boat can fit up to three people on it and is a new fuel-powered boat that comes with a custom trailer for the truck that will be usable in the future to attach to the truck. Also added a new 3d version of the fuel can for decoration and an oil can for decoration.

This is my first vehicle pack, this pack will be updated along the way. We are taking any suggestions, so please let us know what we can add or improve on! This pack includes motorcycles trucks and planes to be used on your personal Minecraft worlds or realms to get around the map in style. This pack also includes some basic garage items like tires tools and toolboxes that can be used to decorate your Minecraft world with style. ย All of these vehicles utilize my fuel system, which is 1 block per fuel measurement. These can be obtained with the give command using give @s ml: truck or the custom NPCs that sell them. To use NPCs, download my currency pack.

All add-ons work on realms. Please leave any suggestions down below!


You are not allowed to:

  • Redistribute the addon
  • Modify the code
  • Post the addon without using my links


  • You need both resource and behavior packs for this pack to work properly on your game.



Gas Can:

  • Used To Fuel Planes, Boats,Trucks, Bikes

Gas Can


  • Used in vehicles to give them power



  • Removes Battery when dead from vehicle


Engine Activator:

  • Right click vehicles to turn them on

Engine Activator

Fuel Pump:

  • Refillable using Gas Cans
  • When Vehicle parked next to it, will autofill Vehicle Fuel System

Fuel Pump


Vehicle Display:

Vehicle Display

Plane Display:

Plane Display

Boat Display:

Boat Display




Tool Boxes:

Tool Boxes





Gas Can Block:

Gas Can Block

Oil Can Block:

Oil Can Block

Empty Trailor:

Empty Trailor

Full Trailor

Truck and Trailor for Pontoon Boat:

Truck and Trailor for Pontoon Boat

Pontoon Boat:

  • Uses fuel system

Pontoon Boat

Red, Purple and Blue lifted trucks:

Red, Purple and Blue lifted trucks

Red, Blue and Purple bikes:

Red, Blue and Purple bikes

Blue, Purple and Red mini bikes:

Blue, Purple and Red mini bikes

Bikes can be purchased with the bike salesman and with the use of my currency pack.

Bike Salesman Trades

Passenger Planes can fit up to 7 people inside:

Passenger Plane

A Single Plane can seat 2 people:

Single Plane

Planes can be bought using the Plane Salesman NPC.

Planes Salesman NPC Trades

Fuel Pump NPC sells fuel for all vehicles in this pack. To use fuel click on the vehicle and it will deposit 1000 blocks worth of distance into that vehicle.

Fuel Pump NPC

Fuel Pump NPC Trades

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Updated on April 26

  • Added currency pack link to utilize NPCs
  • Cleaned up vehicle models and repainted truck
  • Changed links to lootlab
  • Tested Fuel system
  • Added new trailers and pontoon boat
  • Added fuel can and oil can
  • Fixed Npcs for trades to get vehicles from a salesman
  • Changed cover image
  • Added Big and small Tool Box
  • Added tires for decoration
  • Added tools for decoration
  • Updated model for truck
  • Changed cover image
  • Added Key System
  • Added Fuel System enhanced
  • Added Speedometer System
  • Updated Verification File For mobile app downloads
  • Added Showcase Video
  • added bronco
  • cleaned up models and textures
  • Animated Bronco and other trucks
Changelog for April 16 / Old Update
  • Added showcase videos
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