Cloud Clash - Balloon Blitz

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Cloud Clash - Balloon Blitz: Village & Pillage Addons - Balloon Battles, Embark on a Skyward Odyssey! Where Illagers, Villagers, & Piglins Clash in Epic Aerial Warfare, Aboard Hot Air Balloons!

Author: Reborn RPG

Cloud Clash - Balloon Blitz:

Village & Pillage Addons
Balloon Battles, Embark on a Skyward Odyssey!
Where Illagers, Villagers, & Piglins Clash in Epic Aerial Warfare, Aboard Hot Air Balloons
Armed To The Brim With Powerful Cannons!


MCPEDL, ModBay & Planet Minecraft Exclusive

  • Do not Redistribute, or Else I Will Take Actions
  • All Models are Custom and Made from Inspiration
  • All Entities Coded & Made by BlackFire4775
  • Ongoing Development
  • Copyright Licensed to Reborn RPG
  • Cloud Clashes - Balloon Blitz 2024-04-09 by Reborn RPG is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

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IMPORTANT: Holiday Features, Custom Biomes, Creator Features Must Be Toggled To Play With This Addon & Appreciate Every Aspect Being Put Into Place! DOES NOT REQUIRE GAMESCRIPTS! Compatible With All Addons

But, If You Prefer To Still Earn Achievements In Your Survival World & Still Want This New Challenge, It Still Works Without Any Special Requirements Toggled, Just Not Fully Like Structures Won't Spawn (You Know The Drill If You Aren't New To Modding)

Cloud Clash - Balloon Blitz: Battle in Action

Doomed To Be Bombed & Defeated?
Will You Overcome & Befriend These New Allies & Foes?
Your New Adventures Await!


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Let's Get Into It:

Villagers In Balloons

Villagers In Balloons:


Villager In Balloon

Bringing a whole New Aspect of Defense to Villages, Villagers In Balloons Will Seek You Out & Destroy You
if You're Caught Robbing Their Villages, or Harming The Fellow Villagers or Their Golems!
You Can Tame The Villager Balloons, Although Rare & Probability Super Low,
Babies are Easiest To Tame, They Love Emeralds, & Emerald Blocks!
Tame Them to Bring an Edge in Defence or Let Them wander, Exploring The World From Above Targeting Hostiles.
They Act As Normal Villagers, Just Without Jobs Besides That of Defending Their Home From Hostile Mobs & Bandits!
These Balloon Entities Bring a Superb Twist To Minecraft Gameplay Mechanics,
With Some Piglin, Ghast, & Other Friendly Components Coded in, you're bound for hours of fun!
Important - Hold 1 to 10 Slime Ball to Bring Allied Balloons Closer To The Ground, So You Can Leash Them!
Hold Redstone & Redstone Blocks to Mount & Dismount Nearby Mobs!

You Can Craft Them For Personal Bases/Forts!
- 16 White Wool
- 1 Emerald Block
- 1 Blast Furnace
- 9 Copper Ingot
- 1 Diamond Axe
- 16 Lead
- 8 Dark Oak Planks
- 1 Oak Slab
- 1 Crossbow

Traders In Balloons

The Story Teller:


The Story Teller

Very Mysterious Old Fellow, A Wandering Trader Who Will Occasionally Spawn Travelling The World Telling His Stories.
You Can Trade with him, But If You Defeat Him he will drop many different story books for your entertainment.


Wandering Trader In Balloon:

Wandering Trader In Balloon

Will Act as a Normal Wandering Trader, Just In a Balloon.
Leash him to help him stay around you whilst trading so he doesn't fly away with the wind!
Can be ridden and traded with whilst riding
Spawns with villagers & Golem, trying to act as a villager population maintainer (if needed)
Trades Are Very Profitable & Many For Later Game Use/Collecting Use!


Redstone Trader In Balloon:

Redstone Trader In Balloon

Wants Your Redstone & Other Components/Blocks!
Works Similar To Wandering Traders/Trader In Balloon


Villagers In Balloons: Screenshot 1

Many Variants

Villagers In Balloons: Screenshot 2


Illagers In Balloons

Illagers In Balloons:


Illager In Balloon

Witch In Balloon

Witch In Balloon:


Witch In Balloon

Will Spawn In Pillagers, Vindicators, & Witches! Also a Variant Shoots Cannons Where If Hit Will Spawn Mobs!
Be careful watch out ;)


Strong & Mighty Bandits Have Taken To The Skies!
Beware of Their Powerful, Explosive shots!
They Drop Varied Types of Loot.

You Can Wear Gold & Diamond Armor, & The Enemies Will Ignore You Usually.
They Can Be Tamed Too! (- Probability Even Lower Than Villagers ๐Ÿ˜‰-)
They Act as Normal Illagers In Game, With Some Piglin & Ghast Components Coded in!

Encounter a Plethora of Balloon Variants.
Each Presenting its own Unique Battles, & Fun Challenging Moments.
- From Regular Fireballs, Mini Fireballs, To Massive Super Magic Balls, to Icy Projectiles, to Rapid Firing Rates, To Deferred Explosive Sizes,
You'll Face It All! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ๐Ÿ˜‰

But Most Importantly, You'll Face Grand Adventures With This Addon!
Important - Hold 1 to 10 Slime Balls to Bring Allied Balloons Closer To You on The Ground, For Leashing!


Piglins In Balloons

Piglins In Balloons:


Piglins In Balloon

Spawn Rarely In The Overworld, To Give More Life To "Broken Lost Portals" Where Piglins Have Been Trapped & Also Learned Aviation.
Spawns In The Nether, as Piglins Do.
Will Spawn With Piglin Brutes/Piglins
Gets Very Angry If You Annoy Them & or Other Piglins, Definitely Wants To Blow You up if you don't have gold.
Can be bartered with per usual piglin mechanics.

Piglins In Balloons Will Become Zombified Piglins In Balloons After Several Hours of Being Rendered In, unless Otherwise Tamed
Or Enter The Nether Themselves To Reset Their Timers

Battle with Piglin In Balloon


Personal Flyable Balloons

Need & Want Your Own Flyable Balloon?

Craft It In The Crafting Table!

- 16 White Wool
- 1 Emerald Block
- 1 Blast Furnace
- 9 Copper Ingot
- 2 Redstone Blocks
- 16 Lead
- 8 Spruce Planks
- 1 Oak Slab
- 1 Campfire

Flyable Balloon Interface


Player in Flyable Balloon

Take To The Skies
Harness The Power of Personal Balloons!
Accommodating up to 4 Passengers,
For Exhilarating Airborne Adventures!

But Beware of Illager Bandits & Their Formidable Blitz Balloons,
They're Found Scavenging Treasures & Livestock From The Skies,
They Sometimes Spawn Around The World, But Mostly Act as Illagers Do In Game, & Inside Raids/Patrols Too!
They're Eagerly Waiting To Test Their Newly Built Technology Against You! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

Player and Illager Bandit in their Balloons



- Sit In To Begin Claiming Ownership
- Once Claimed, Provide a Saddle to Fully Control
- Can Be Boosted When Player Holds "Fire Charge" Item
- Can Be Given a Chest For Extra Storage!
- Equip a Bow, or Trident, or other Long Range Weapon & Defeat Your Foes In Sky Battles!
- Hop In To Tame

Player with Saddle and Balloon

Give The Balloon a Saddle, & Also some Armor to last longer if caught up in Aerial Battles!

Flyable Balloon Interface

Now You're Flying Your New Balloon! Equip Tridents With Loyalty & Use Splash Potions to Bomb Foes Below!

Transport Villagers Easily!

Villagers in the Balloon

Important - Hold 1 to 10 Redstone To Evict Riders, Hold Redstone Block to Add Riders!

Other Variants

Variants of the Balloons


- Jump & Look up Whilst Riding to Launch & Fly!
- Hold Charges To Boost (Craft Lots!)
- Can be Chested for storage!

Little Known Issues
  • The Flyable Balloon With a Cannon Can't Currently Shoot Its Projectiles at Targets Whilst a Saddle is Equipped/Being Controlled by a player. Removing Saddle Gives The Balloon The Ability to Shoot Again, But Player Loses Ability To Fully Control & is Left Riding/can't move forward as balloon doesn't have an "AI Brain" Like The Other Balloons lol (Can STILL be VERY MUCH useful, just currently tedious to take saddle in and out to fight... :P)
  • Having Trouble Getting Villager Balloons To Actually Spawn From Villages Like Iron Golems/Villagers do.
  • Raids Don't Want To Spawn Balloons, (Waiting For Mojangs Raids Update!)
    So They Only Spawn at Dusk & Dawn, & Sometimes Rarely in Other Places/Biomes for a "Surprise" but it's rare, so you're not overly attacked.
  • The New Structures Planned (Full illager encampments) Aren't yet Added To The Pack & Will be Added In a later Update.
    As Development Continues - This Will Become an Epic Addon You Don't Want To Miss Playing With!

Updates/New Features/Possibly a Few More Mobs Coming.
Balloon With Cannon Not Fully Targeting Mobs Whilst Being Handled by Player Yet (Plan To Fix So Balloon Still Shoots, But You'll Have to aim it accordingly!)

Holiday Features, Custom Biomes, Creator Features Must Be Toggled To Play With This Addon!
Open & Install to Your Game/Worlds

Enjoy Cloud Clash Balloon Blitz!
Made With Lots of Love, Blood, Sweat, & Tears...
The Intention Is To Bring More Variants of Vanilla Mobs Into The Game
Without Any Major Game Breaking Mechanics, Just using Mojang Vanilla Code
Enjoy Cloud Clash Balloon Blitz!

Leave Feedback & Recommendations In The Comments!
Thank You for Viewing This Addon!

Updated on April 29

Update 2:

  • Fixed Villagers_In-Balloon_v2ย (Trade Tables & Proper Villager Functionality & Flying!)
  • Please Let Me Know Whether Spawn Rates are too low/high!
  • Many Tweaks To The Behaviours of Mobs
  • No New Balloons Yet, Just a Big Bug Fix & Tweak Update! (Keep Suggesting Ideas!)
Changelog for April 17 / Update 1

Updated on April 17

Update 1:

  • Animations Added & Improved Upon,
  • Targeting Adjusted,
  • Range Adjusted,
  • Taming Rates Adjusted,
  • Spawn Rates Adjusted for Dusk & Dawn In Various Biomes
  • Added New Mobs
  • More!
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