Boss Skibidi Toilet Add-On

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Hey guys! I bought you the "Boss Skibidi Toilet Add On" today. In this addon, you will see new boss. All the mobs are inspired by a famous animation series "Skibidi Toilets".

About animation series:

The Skibidi Toilet is a meme series made by DaFuq!?Boom! (YT shorts). This series of YouTube shorts consists of the War between the Toilets (Antagonists) and the Cameramen (protagonists, in most cases).

About Boss Skibidi Toilet:

G-Man Skibidi Toilet, G-Mannus Bossis Skibididus, the Titan Skibidi Toilet, or the G-Toilet for short, is the main antagonist of the Skibidi Toilet YouTube shorts series. This Boss is the most powerful of the Skibidi Toilets and their mighty leader. The G-Toilet increases in size every episode and has abilities unique to it. His primary ability is shooting orange laser beams from his eyes, which is shown to be a deadly and devastating attack. He once destroyed the Cameraman base, along with the infected Titan Speakerman appeared in Episode 35. In Episode 38, the Cameramen would have cured the Titan Speakerman if not for the interference of the enhanced G-Toilet, known as the G-Man Toilet 2.0.

Here you can see how they will look in-game:

Boss Skibidi Toilet

I'm not giving screenshots of the game because it could be a big spoiler.

That's all in this addon. Enjoy!

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