Moon Knight & Werewolf by Night Add-on

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With this add-on, you can become a Moon Knight or werewolf based on Marvel characters. You can use a variety of Moon Knight costumes, new weapons, and abilities.


  • ArathNido (YouTube) (Twitter) (Discord)
  • Structure creator: THE AMAZING MONDONGO
  • Beta testers: THE AMAZING MONDONGO, Zero FatalRed, lairameconsume, and Arcangel7263

Full Description:

With this add-on, new structures will be generated throughout the Minecraft world in which you will be able to obtain Moon Knight and Werewolf by Night items and equipment.

Pyramide: Screenshot

Khonshu Temple:

Inside the Khonshu temple, you can find the statue of Khonshu.

Khonshu Temple: Screenshot

You must destroy the statue to summon Khonsho.

Khonshu Statue: Screenshot

Khonshu will trade you Moon Knight items, weapons, and costumes.

Khonshu: Screenshot

Using the Moon Knight suit will give you effects such as strength, stamina, night vision, and regeneration.

Khonshu Trades

When you have equipped the elytras with a Moon Knight costume, you can perform a super jump. To perform the super jump, hold down the crouch button, look up, and press the jump button.

Moon Knight Super Jump: Screenshot

The Moon Knight suit will give you infinite flight with the elytras. To obtain infinite flight hold down the crouch button while gliding.

Moon Knight Infinite Flight: Screenshot

The Moon Knight costume will grant you the ability to remove your mask, to use it place the item in the slot on your head.

Player with Moon Knight Costume

Crescent Darts:

With crescent darts you can throw them at your enemies or perform melee attacks.

Player with Crescent Darts: Screenshot


To use the darts ability you will need to have a Moon Knight suit equipped, crouch and use the half-moon darts.

Crescent Darts: Ability Demonstration


With the clubs, you can perform melee attacks.

Damage: 10

Player with Truncheon: Screenshot

Long Truncheon:

Damage: 13

Player with Long Truncheon: Screenshot

By using the long stick while you are on the ground, you can perform super jumps.

Long Truncheon Super Jump: Screenshot

Staff of Khonshu:

With Khonshu's staff, you will be able to speed up the game time. To speed up time, use Khonshu's staff in the main hand.

Staff of Khonshu: Ability Demonstration


The Duat will be generated in the desert biomes, and inside the duat you will find the totem of Tueris.

Duat: Screenshot

Destroy Tueris' totem to summon her. Tueris will grant you the Layla costume, including an attack ability.

Tueris: Screenshot

Layla's Costume:

Will give you the effects and abilities of the Moon Knight costume. Layla's costume will also grant you an attack ability that will boost you and deal damage to enemies. To use the ability, hold down the crouch button and press the attack button.

Player with Layla's Costume: Screenshot

Bloodstone Temple:

The bloodstone temple will spawn in the taiga biomes. Inside the temples, you may encounter bloodstone guards that will attack the player and the werewolf.

Bloodstone Temple: Screenshot

Inside the temple, you may encounter the werewolf as a boss. The werewolf has unique attack abilities, even mutating into a stronger form.

Bloodstone Temple from Inside: Screenshot

Defeating the werewolf will grant you the bloodstone that is used to craft an object that will allow you to transform into a werewolf using this recipe:

Werewolf Transformation Recipe

Place the object in the head slot to transform into a werewolf.

Player with Werewolf Outfit

The werewolf outfit will give you effects, change the game camera view, and allow you to perform melee attacks that will inflict a lot of damage to enemies.

Werewolf Melee Attack: Screenshot

Keep pressing the crouch button, then press the jump button to perform a super jump that will push you forward and cause damage to enemies it hits.

Werewolf Super Jump: Screenshot

Creatures and Enemies & Statistics:


Jackals are aggressive creatures and will spawn only in deserts at night and in Khonshu temples.


  • Health: 75
  • Damage: 9
  • Skill: Jump inflicting 12 damage.
  • Loot: Gold ingots and rotten meat.

Jackals: Screenshot

Bloodstone Guards

Bloodstone guards will appear only in the bloodstone temple, attacking the werewolf and the player.


  • Health: 25
  • Damage: 6
  • Loot: Diamonds
Werewolf by Night

The werewolf will spawn in the Bloodstone Temple. It will be a boss that you can face and will have two werewolf phases. When you defeat it, it will release the bloodstone that will be used to make the werewolf transformation.

Werewolf by Night: Screenshot

Man Thing

They are generated in the swamps, they are neutral creatures that you can tame with fish.

Man Thing: Screenshot


It is recommended to have the simulation distance at maximum so that structures can be generated over long distances.

Simulation Distance Slider


Download links
Download Add-on [.MCADDON]
Download ONLY TexturePack [.MCPACK]
Download ONLY BehaviorPack [.MCPACK]
Supported versions
1.20.70 1.20.60