Vanilla Grappling Hooks (1.20.80+)

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Introducing "Vanilla Grappling Hooks" - the ultimate addon for Minecraft adventurers! With the power of the Grappling Hook Upgrade, your ordinary fishing rod transforms into a versatile tool for scaling cliffs, swinging through landscapes, and exploring with unparalleled freedom.

Showcase Video:

Vanilla Grappling Hooks:

This addon adds the ability to turn a fishing rod into a grappling hook! All you'll need to start is crafting a Grappling Hook Upgrade.

Grappling Hook Upgrade Recipe

You'll need:

  • 1 Sime Ball
  • 3 Iron Nuggets (delicious, I know)
  • And 1 Copper Ingot

With this, you'll need a fishing rod and a fletching table. Interact with the fletching table, and you'll get this menu:

Fletching Table Menu

The three slots on top are what let you control the UI.

  1. The first option will allow you to quickly Upgrade your Fishing Hook and give it its functionality.
  2. The second option will simply give you credits for everyone's contributions to this addon.
  3. The third option will close the UI without upgrading your fishing rod.

To use the grappling hook, simply point and click. Once the hook hits and sticks to a block (yes, it will stick to walls and ceilings when you throw the hook), you can reel the hook and pull yourself towards that block. Just beware, as fall damage is still a thing.

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All credits for all the developers who have helped have been put into the addon itself!

If you share my addon in any form (videos, addon recommendations, etc), please do the following:

  • Only share the MCPEDL/Modbay page.
  • Credit me as the original creator of the addon.
  • Do not share the Mediafire Link or the direct file download without my permission.
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Vanilla Grappling Hooks BP[mcpack, 258.79 Kb]
Vanilla Grappling Hooks RP[mcpack, 8.26 Kb]
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