Hog's Botany

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Hog's Botany adds botany pots to the game, which require an axe to automatically harvest the trees inside the interface and place the items from the sapling into a chest below.

Hog's Botany

This addon adds the ability to automatically grow and harvest trees in the game using the new botany pots.
These can be easily crafted with 5 terracotta blocks and 1 moss block like this:

Botany Pot Recipe

How to setup?

In order to use these botany pots, you will want to place them on top of a chest or another inventory, like a shulker/barrel. You can also feed items into the top of the botany pot with a hopper.
You will want to place it on top like this:

Botany Pot Setup

How to use?

Then you will want to interact with the botany pot. This will open up a menu.
In the center, you will need to place a sapling of your choice.
In the right slot where the axe silhouette is, you will need to place an axe.
The arrow will indicate when it will next give the items (it will only do this when the axe is there).
When this ticks, the items will be immediately deposited in the chest below.

Botany Pot UI

Video explaining the addon:

For addon creators:

To create addons that work with "Hog's Botany" you will need to make a file in your loot tables directory called "bonsai"

Bonsai Directory

This is where the addon will try to access it when filling the chest. In order to add your own item to work, name a file in the bonsai folder with the same name as your item. e.g. oak_sapling.json

Then make your loot table there, as you'd like the items to be gathered from the bonsai (this is a regular loot table).
You may look at the code and use parts; just don't steal the whole thing.

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