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Hello, I am ZorroCraft from India. If you're bored with vanilla swords, try this addon with 32 new weapons.


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Turn off Recipes Unlock:

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How to craft?

  • All recipes are unlocked, just check the equipment section.

Spartan Weapon List:

1. Rapier

  • A straight sword with a narrow blade having both edges sharp.


2. Long Sword

  • Any type of sword that is comparatively long, depending on context, is applied to swords of the Bronze Age, Migration Period, Viking Age, and Renaissance.

Long Swords

3. Nunchuck

  • A weapon that consists of two sticks joined by a short length of cord, chain, or rawhide.


4. Hammer

  • A large-headed mallet, made of wood or metal, came to be used on the medieval battlefield.


Ancient Indian Weapon List:

1. Kirpan

  • The kirpan is a curved, single-edged blade that Khalsa Sikhs are required to wear as part of their religious uniform, as prescribed by the Sikh Code of Conduct.


2. Dandpatta

  • The patta is a sword, originating from the Indian subcontinent, with a gauntlet integrated as a handguard.


3. Talwar

  • The talwar, also spelled talwaar and tulwar, is a type of curved sword or sabre from the Indian subcontinent.


4. Tabar

  • The tabar is a type of battle axe. The term tabar is used for axes originating from the Ottoman Empire, Persia, India, and surrounding countries and cultures.


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