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Do you want to have more music in Minecraft without losing the essence of the game? Well, if so, you will love this addon! If you are a veteran/old player you will know that there are songs from C418 that never made it to Minecraft, either because he wanted to make them exclusive to his album or for other reasons that we do not know, then this addon adds all those songs that are in the Volume Alpha albums /Beta of C418, some are environmental and others on disk!

The first changes you will notice is that now the game music plays more often, you will almost always hear music in the background!ย The music added by this addon are:


C418 - Moog City

C418 - Beginning

Environmental: (sounds in almost all biomes)

C418 - Door

C418 - ร‰quinoxe

C418 - Chris

Warped Forest:

C418 - Excuse

C418 - Ki

Frozen/snowy Biomes:

C418 - Flake

C418 - Kyoto

Music Disc:

C418 - Death

C418 - Death

C418 - Dog

C418 - Dog

C418 - Droopy Likes Ricochet

C418 - Droopy Likes Ricochet

C418 - Droopy Likes Your Face

C418 - Droopy Likes Your Face

C418 - Eleven

C418 - Eleven

NOTCH - Magnetic Circuit (Calm4)

NOTCH - Magnetic Circuit (Calm4)

You can find the new discs around the world, in structures, or more easily, that is, by obtaining them if a skeleton kills a creeper!

To play the new music records you must create a new type of jukebox called emerald jukebox, its recipe is as follows:

Jukebox Recipe

Once placed you only have to interact with it holding one of the new records, it works in the same way as a conventional jukebox!

Here is a video testing the new discs!

Finally, don't forget to activate the required experimental functions!

Experimental Functions

Known issues: Using the kill @e command while playing a music record on the emerald jukebox removes particles and can cause problems, so don't do it.


Just download and install both packages, if you want to listen to the new music for the menu you must activate the RP in the global resources!, and don't forget to activate the experiments in your world.

Download links
Download Better Music RP
Download Better Music BP
Supported versions
1.20.80 1.20.70 1.20.60 1.20.50 1.20.40 1.20.30