Ring Of Power V2 (New Baubles To Minecraft)

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This addon adds new rings to Minecraft, which is simple but worth it. Each ring gives you a potion effect with a cooldown, is balanced, has a unique texture, and also fits for your Minecraft survival.



All Power Rings Items

All Items and Blocks: Screenshot


There are 3 new ores that you need to craft the rings.


Topaz Items and Blocks: Screenshot

You can find Topaz anywhere in the overworld, it's not that rare and easy to find.


Ruby Items and Blocks: Screenshot

The ruby is quite rare, and again, you can use it to craft the rings (this ore only generates in jungles and lush cave biomes).


Sapphire Items and Blocks: Screenshot

This is the most rare so far, you can use it to craft the rings too (this ore only generates in snow, ice, and under the ocean). Good luck finding it!


Gemstone is the most important item in this addon. You will need this item to craft the rings.

How to obtain it?

It is easy. You are going to need raw ore for topaz, ruby, sapphire, and amethyst. Simply put your raw ore on the stonecutter.

Gemstone Stonecutter Recipes

Gemstone Recipes

Topaz Gemstone Recipe

Ruby Gemstone Recipe

Sapphire Gemstone Recipe

Amethyst Gemstone Recipe

Power Rings:

All Power Rings: Screenshot

Power Rings are the new items that gonna give you Minecraft effects like speed, strength, etc. The rings have 180 durability and a 30 second effect.

First, you are going to need a regular ring.

Regular Ring

And these are all the rings:

Ring of Might

Ring of Fire

Ring of Haste

Ring of Regenerate

Ring of Sneak

Ring of Levitate

Ring of Ocean

Ring of Feather

Ring of Vision

Ring of Jumper

Ring of Strength

Ring of Quickness

Thank You!

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PowerRings V2
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1.20.80 1.20.70 1.20.60 1.20.0
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    When I download the addon, it says I am missing a dependency, where can I download it?