Heart Tank

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Do you need better health? Are the mobs you face very powerful? With this addon, you can increase your health, but in exchange, you will have to undertake a great search for this improvement.


How to find this ore?

To find heart ore, you have to venture into the depths where deepslate exists. This mineral is extremely rare, so searching for it can be quite time-consuming. Heart ore can be affected by the Fortune enchantment, allowing you to obtain 1 to 3 heart fragments.

Heart Ore: Screenshot

Heart Fragment

How to make the Heart Tank?

Heart Tank Recipe

How do I use the Heart Tank?

To use the heart tank, you need to interact with the item. It will be consumed automatically, granting you an upgrade of (4) extra health or 2 more hearts for the player. Since the player can have unlimited life, it can be annoying if you have too many hearts, as it may clutter the screen.

Heart Tank Usage: Screenshot 1

Heart Tank Usage: Screenshot

Download links
Heart Tank [RP] (9.23 KB)
Heart Tank [BP] (11.47 KB)
Supported versions
1.20.80 1.20.70 1.20.60