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Have you ever thought about playing Fallout in Minecraft? Well, this AddonPack will surely give you that experience. Don't forget to give me your feedback on it.

You have to gather weapons, medkits, armors and resources to survive. The monsters are harder than you may think, so be careful. Craft the Overseer spawn egg to spawn the final boss and kill him.

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The FalloutBE Addonpack:

  • Merged by: Eldas
  • Idea of: FrostyHostMC

The AddonPack Includes:

Recommended Addons (Optional):

Ported From Java:

  • Fallout Radio
  • MineOut 2016 HD

This is not the final version of FalloutBE.

Give us your feedback to improve this AddonPack more!



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Supported versions
1.21.0 1.20.80 1.20.70
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  1. No avatar image Guest Shadow
    my player skin is invisible and no player animations or something? and the pack said missing dependincies for the resource pack
    1. No avatar image Guest Shadow
      Missing dependency with ID '66e757b5-db24-45ef-805c-592001af1b6c' and version '0.0.1'.
      (found this)
      1. No avatar image Guest Shadow
        (And this)
        The property '/header/min_engine_version` must have a value set less than `1.13.0`. To use a higher version, you need to use format version 2.
        1. Eldas profile avatar Eldas
          thanks for the report. I will Update it soon
    2. Eldas profile avatar Eldas
      maybe cause you are using a shader or 1.21 has broke the addon
    3. Eldas profile avatar Eldas
      Maybe your game didn't import it correctly. Try to copy folders inside the mcaddon manually. I will update it anyways.
  2. No avatar image NotEcchi
    Bro, do I need to change the file type to .mcpack or .mcaddon?
    1. No avatar image NotEcchi
      Because even after extracting it and compressing the folder, renaming it to .mcpack/world/addon doesn't work... Even just after the file itself doesn't work... Does it work on Android?
      1. Eldas profile avatar Eldas
        Hey its a world You have to rename it to .mcworld
      2. Eldas profile avatar Eldas
        It will get an update soon and I may release it as mcaddon in future updates.
  3. Luning39 profile avatar Luning39
    The link is Invalidโ˜น๏ธ
    1. No avatar image R
      Temporarily used a link from his video on YT, should work
    2. Eldas profile avatar Eldas
      I'm Adding A New Link Soon. Check My Youtube Channel for Updated Links.
  4. Luning39 profile avatar Luning39
    Nice job!!! I once saw this Java Edition mod on YouTube from a youtuber's game video. I don't know what's the mod is but really want to try on Bedrock Edition. Now you carry it here.
    1. Eldas profile avatar Eldas