Seed Delight Bedrock (Unofficial)

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This addon is the Seed Delight Mod unofficial port on bedrock edition and reproduced to the greatest extent possible.

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Port Permission

With permission from the author, allows me to port it to bedrock edition.

Permisson from SieboldiiParthelia: Screenshot 1

Permisson from SieboldiiParthelia: Screenshot 2

Special thanks to sieboldiiparthelia for creating this excellent mod!

◆ Foods and Drinks

Lots of foods and drinks that have been added:

Foods and Drinks: Screenshot 1

Foods and Drinks: Screenshot 2

Sunflower Seed can be crafted from sunflowers.

Sunflower Seed Recipe

Rosehip can be crafted from rose.

Rosehip Recipe

Pinecone and Acorn can be crafted on cutting borad.

Pinecone and Acorn: Screenshot

Cherry can be obtained by destroying cherry leaves.

◆ Blocks

Blocks: Screenshot

◆ Cooking Pot Recipes

The cooking pot will display the cooking pot recipes in this addon.

Cooking Pot Recipes

◆ Updated on June 05

Update V1.0.5:

  • Players will no longer drop cherry when destroying cherry leaves in creative mode.
V1.0.3 / April 26 / Old Update
  1. Fixed the bug that can give you cherry by destroying any block.

Finally, thanks for downloading!

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Farmer's Delight Bedrock (Unofficial)
Seed Delight V1.0.5[1.20.8x]
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  1. Mr-Face profile avatar Mr-Face
    It really cool to see the delight mods ported to bedrock, it's a area I feel that lots of addons don't do well in.