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The Mailboxes Addon introduces wooden mailboxes and packages into the game. This addon is very useful, allowing you to send packages anywhere, whether you’re playing solo or with friends. I hope you enjoy!

The Mailboxes Addon adds wooden mailboxes and packages so you can send items anywhere!

Mailboxes: Screenshot

The Addon was created by EndXenoc MCPE. You can support me by subscribing to my YouTube channel: Click Here!

All 3D models and textures were created by MrDdrop. You can contact him through Discord: @cerealdrop54

You can also follow him on his TikTok: Cerealdrop54

You must follow the next steps for it to work correctly:

1. First place a wooden mailbox anywhere.

Mailboxes Usage: Step 1

2. Then give the wooden mailbox a name.

Mailboxes Usage: Step 2

3. Now place the Post Box in another location.

Mailboxes Usage: Step 3

4. Place the items you want to send in its inventory.

Mailboxes Usage: Step 4

5. Use a package and interact with the entity for the shipping form to appear.

Mailboxes Usage: Step 5

6. Select the recipient and send it.

Mailboxes Usage: Step 6

7. That’s it, the package will appear in the indicated mailbox.

Mailboxes Usage: Step 7

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This addon uses ticking areas (active areas) for its operation. If you have active areas in your world, keep in mind that addon could deactivate them if you send items to those areas.

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