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Pet Furniture | 1.6 | Horse Feeder Update 1.19.70

Thumbnail: Pet Furniture | 1.6 | Horse Feeder Update 1.19.70

Each of us has at least once got a pet in Minecraft – tamed a cat or a dog. Unfortunately, there are no decorative blocks for them. This addon adds about 80 new decorative blocks that are dedicated for dogs, cats, and birds. Now they can have their house, meow!

For some blocks such as doors you have to place the door on the block above where you want the door, and for cat scratchers it is advisable to test their collisions before placing a cat (to know where to aim).

Feeders for horse.

Pet furniture for cats and birds

Some Pet Furniture blocks in the Addon


You also need to activate the Block-Geo Fixer pack, otherwise the models and textures of the blocks will be broken.

Permission for ModBay:

Pet Furniture Addon permission for ModBay

How to get it?

They are easy to get in creative mode.

Pet Furniture in creative inventory mode

In survival mode, you can put a block of clay in the Stonecutter to get the necessary block.

Recipe example to get the Pet Furniture block

Or use the chat command /give @p pf:<block name> to get them.

Give Pet Furniture blocks via command

New Pet Blocks

Dog kennels

Dog kennels

Pet gate

Pet gate


Scraper blocks

Ways to use the blocks

List of blocks:

  • Cat Scratcher
  • Catwalk
  • Bird House
  • Pet Door
  • Parrot Shelf
  • Feeder
  • Hen House
  • Dog's House
  • Cat's House
  • Dog Bed
  • Litter Box

Scrapers and cats

Pet beds

White cat scratcher

Pets and Dog kennel

Catwalk blocks

Bird house and Parrot shelf

Updated on April 21

The mod is being prepared to add the 2 new woods, in addition, we have added a new block, the horse feeder! There are other changes in the organization of the files, all the changes will appear below

The mod has been updated to 1.19.70

Added Blocks:

  • Added oak feeder for horse
  • Added acacia feeder for horse
  • Added fir feeder for horse
  • Added jungle feeder for horse
  • Added Dark Oak feeder for horse
  • Added birch feeder for horse
  • Added warped feeder for horse
  • Added crimsom feeder for horse

Internal Settings:

  • The order of crafting in the structure box has been changed, the names of many blocks have also been changed, it is possible that many pieces of furniture have been corrupted
  • Cherry wood and mangrove textures have been added, you will be able to see them added in the debug settings