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This add-on is based on the theme of classic movie cars. For this first version, we've prepared for you the Beetle from the movie 'The Love Bug". The Beetle has left an indelible mark on automobile history and remains an iconic symbol of mobility for all. Other emblematic cars will be added to this collection in a future version. Follow our social networks to not miss any releases!

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Beetle Details:

  • The car's windshield wipers activate automatically when it's raining.
  • Automatic headlights when light intensity fades.
  • Interact with the vehicle to get on board.
  • Sneak + Click to open or close the chest and store your items.
  • Items are thrown out of the vehicle if it is destroyed.
  • This vehicle can accommodate 4 players.
  • Press sneak to exit the car.

How to repair your car?

You've fallen too far and your vehicle is wrecked? Craft your wrench on a crafting table.

  • Iron ingots (x3)

Holding your wrench, click on your wrecked vehicle to repair it.


What's the world's most iconic car? Let us know about your choice or feedback in the comments of the video. Your answer could be the next car added to this add-on.


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To install this data pack, you must have the Minecraft Bedrock version.

  • Open the downloaded .mcaddon file "Classic_Movies_Cars". This will automatically install it on your game.ย 
  • Create a survival map with the settings you want.ย 
  • Start by opening the behavior packs and install "Classic_Movies_Cars".ย 
  • Install the texture pack also named "Classic_Movies_Cars".ย 
  • Have fun in your new survival with your pack (Beware, the pack installation does not allow you to have trophies in survival).

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Updated on June 13

  • Added the video of the addon and the logo title.
  • Added the installation guide.
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