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The AutoBE Tool is designed to automate the creation and management of Minecraft Bedrock Edition add-ons. It streamlines the process of merging multiple behavior and resource packs into a single pack!

Changelog for AutoBE - TBL (1.50)


Enhanced File Selection:

  1. Users can add multiple .mcpack files for merging.
  2. Ability to remove selected files from the list.

Output Directory Selection:

  1. Users can choose an output directory where the processed files will be saved.

Subpack Handling:

  1. Detects and processes subpacks within .mcpack files.
  2. Prompts users to select a subpack folder if multiple subpacks are found.

Compatibility Check:

  1. Checks selected .mcpack files for missing manifest.json files and incompatible player.json files.
  2. Alerts users of any compatibility issues.
  3. This setting will change but works still just ignore the player.json and subpacks part.

Manifest Creation and Updates:

  1. Generates manifest.json files for the merged packs.
  2. Supports Minecraft Bedrock Edition's format version 2.
  3. New manifests created to support better merging and functionality.

JаvaScript Script Handling:

  1. Merges and updates JаvaScript files within the packs.
  2. Updates import statements to ensure compatibility.

JSON and Lang File Merging:

  1. Merges various JSON configuration files such as item_texture.json, terrain_texture.json, and more.
  2. Merges language files (.lang) from multiple packs.

Final Packaging:

  1. Creates .mcpack files for the merged behavior and resource packs.
  2. Ensures the final packs are ready for use in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Improved UI:

  1. Added a progress bar and a prompt window.
  2. Enhanced UI with colors too match the TBL Theme.

(Bug Fixes)

Fixed Manifest Errors:

  1. Correctly identifies and alerts users of missing manifest.json files.
  2. Created new manifests to support better merging and functionality.

Enhanced JSON Parsing:

  1. Improved JSON parsing to handle comments and invalid characters.
  2. Fixed issues with loading and merging JSON files.

File Path Handling:

  1. Addressed issues with file path handling across different operating systems.

Merging Subpacks:

  1. Improved handling and merging of subpacks within .mcpack files.
  2. Correctly processes subpack contents.

Player.json Merging:

  1. Added support for merging player.json files from multiple packs.
  2. Ensured compatibility and proper merging of player-related data.


Code Refactoring:

  1. Refactored the code for better readability and maintainability.
  2. Organized the code into classes and methods for modular design.


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AutoBE (No Updates)
Supported versions
1.21.0 1.20.80
2 260
  1. No avatar image Isa
    Esto funciona archivos player.json?
    1. Si te unes a la discordia, llegará muy pronto, en realidad lo único que nos queda es el player.json y los subpacks y luego hemos terminado, esta actualización de 1.30 lo hace para que fusione los scripts ahora.

      If you join the discord, it will arrive very soon, in reality the only thing we have left is the player.json and the subpacks and then we have finished, this 1.30 update does it to merge the scripts now.
  2. No avatar image PvPGXGAMING
    bro why is it paid?
    1. There is a free version but it is the beta, I’m sorry I cannot make it free this is something very hard too make sorry!
      1. No avatar image R
        Perhaps, you should make the free link contain the previous update
        For example, the paid one is v3.0 - and the free one is v2.0
        When you update the script to v4.0, the free one is updated to v3.0 and so on
        1. Yea but that would just mean you get everything for free still just for the simple fact users have been paying for it monthly meaning they get ever single update it gets and all my other tools I’m making like the Java too bedrock mod converter!
  3. No avatar image kwkwiowkw
    make it free
    1. There is a free version but it is the beta, I’m sorry I cannot make it free this is something very hard too make sorry!
      1. No avatar image Fkbedrocklabs
        The impact this would have on the Minecraft modding community and you lock it behind a monthly subscription on the basis that’s it’s a difficult tool to make, what a joke hopefully you consider releasing a better version that isn’t locked behind a paywall
        1. No avatar image Fkbedrocklabs
          Alternatively a one time purchase would be just as good just some food for though,
          1. that will come when we finish everything
        2. my point exactly The impact this would have on the Minecraft modding community