Lightning Magic

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The ancient blade is crafted by the greatest smiths in Aeron. Wield the power of the Lightning Blade and Strike your enemies to the ground! Unleash your almighty power and leap high into the sky to seize the land of the mortals, which truly belongs to you!

Lightning Magic


  • Electrifying Sword [Damage]
  • Upon hitting enemies, summons electricity that will target and damage the nearest enemies.

Basic Attack:

  • Lightning Bolt [Damage]
  • Strikes lightning to nearby enemies that deals great damage.

Basic Attack with Lightning Magic

Skill 1:

  • Lightning Zap [Damage | Restraints] [by MoonlightAbsol / GIRITUNA]
  • Zap enemies in front of you and deal slowness.

Skill 1 with Lightning Magic

Skill 2:

  • Lightning Blitz [Chaser | Area] [by user-ct70l1nz4f]
  • Grants quick lightning speed and leaves a trail of lots of lightning bolts.

Skill 2 with Lightning Magic

Skill 3

  • Volt Strike [Damage | Area] [by MoonlightAbsol / GIRITUNA]
  • Leap into the air and strike the ground, striking consecutive strong lightning bolts in a small area.

Skill 3 with Lightning Magic


  • Heavenly Strike [Damage | Area]
  • Leap high on the air and strike the ground, striking consecutive greater lightning bolts in a really large area.

Ultimate with Lightning Magic

Download BOTH RP and BP!

To acquire magic in SURVIVAL, when you first load the world, you will be given the option to choose a magic (for this, it's just Lightning). Once you've chosen it, it will occupy your first 5 slots in your hot bar. (The same goes for everyone in the world)

There is also a mana system in this add-on. Your mana recovers slowly through time and the maximum is 100.

If you play in multiplayer, once you load the world and everyone is in, once you choose a magic, everyone will be granted that magic for now. Which means they could also become Lightning Magic users and some skills won't work on them.

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Lightning Magic RP
Lightning Magic BP
Supported versions
1.20.80 1.20.70 1.20.60 1.20.50 1.20.40 1.20.30
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