Custom Cobblestone and Basalt Generator

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Customize your cobblestone and basalt generator with this addon! You can make your cobblestone and basalt generator spawn any block you want. By default, it spawns all Minecraft ores, including ancient debris, making it perfect for SkyBlock and other minigames that utilize cobblestone and basalt generators.

Why choose this addon? Because it does not add additional blocks or entities that need to be crafted first and also doesn't use command blocks to create a custom generator! This addon also does not use player.json, so it will work with other addons! You just need to make a cobblestone and basalt generator as usual and it will work straight away!


Custom Cobblestone and Basalt Generator: Screenshot

Enabling Beta APIs Experiment

CCBG are using Beta APIs to make the generator working, please enable it to make this addon work.


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Updated on July 05


  • Run command when generated block is destroyed
  • Customize Disable Generator Tag
  • New Documentation


  • Migrate to TypeScript and automated compile assets
  • Now particles appear in every corner of the block
  • Fix custom block still spawning even though not enabled
  • Separate Block Configuration for Cobblestone and Basalt Generator
  • Use playSound instead of using runCommand to play sound
  • Use spawnParticle instead of using runCommand to spawn particle
  • Disable generator only when playerBreak, piston or explosion is set to false

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