Hoof - A Wild West Themed Add-On (Fire Bottle Update)

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This add-on will introduce a variety of wild west themed weapons and wearables, adding a whole new experience with unique items reminiscent of the old west.

This add-on is the successor to the old texture pack, "Horse Keeper Texture Pack".


There are four (4) kind of weapons:

Lever-Action Rifle

Lever-Action Rifle: Animation

  • 14 round capacity shooter
  • Deals 15 - 19 damage
  • Long range

Pump-Action Shotgun

Pump-Action Shotgun: Animation

  • 6 round capacity shooter
  • Contains 12 buckshots per cartridge
  • Deals 10 damage per buck
  • Low range & wide spread

Double-Barreled Shotgun

Double-Barreled Shotgun: Animation

  • 2 round capacity shooter
  • Contains 12 buckshots per cartridge
  • Added close-range damage (19 - 20 when close-range)
  • Deals 10 damage per buck
  • Low range & wide spread

Single-Action Revolver

Single-Action Revolver: Animation

  • 6 round capacity shooter
  • Deals 5 - 15 damage
  • Long range


Black Hat

Black Hat: Screenshot

Brown Hat

Brown Hat: Screenshot


Dynamite: Animation

  • Explosion damage
  • Can be thrown
  • Can be planted
  • Planted dynamites can be ignited with fire aspect items (note that when igniting using the fire aspect, it will have a countdown of 4 seconds)
  • Can be ignited with bullets (note that when using this, the dynamite will explode immediately)


Fire Bottle: Animation

  • Fire tick damage
  • Can be thrown
  • Last for 4 seconds


Recipe Guide


Gun Barrel: Screenshot


3D Dropped Items: Screenshot

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Updated on July 09

  • Added Fire Bottle
Download links
Hoof - (Resource Pack)
Hoof - (Behavior Pack)
Supported versions
1.21.0 1.20.80
11 904
  1. NJDKhan profile avatar NJDKhan
    The mod is good, but reloading weapons is impossible in the Realms world. And because of this, it is impossible to use weapons in simple survival. Please release a new patch. Thanks for understanding.
  2. 1ANAS0 profile avatar 1ANAS0
    The link doesn't work🥲
  3. No avatar image Masterchetos66g
    Puedes hacerlo compatible con la textura de animaciones actions and stuff
  4. Badabum profile avatar Badabum
    The best gun mod please add more guns!
  5. No avatar image Crtx
    What experiments should i activate?
    1. None
  6. SsTzRn profile avatar SsTzRn
    Why do I have to wait an hour to get the file
  7. SsTzRn profile avatar SsTzRn
    Imma keep it real, I just want the guns
  8. OriD profile avatar OriD
    Cool. Playing in western map with this mod will be great