VAZ-2121 Niva Addon

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With this addon, you can get the Soviet and Russian SUV VAZ-2121 Niva in your world. This SUV pack is also part of my new project called the New Louisiana Republic.

This addon features the VAZ-2121 SUV, a Soviet and Russian SUV that you can get in your world. It has four coloring pages. Red, blue, green and dark green.

They have a variety of functionality, including many animations such as opening the door and trunk, the ability to switch pairs on and off, and short-shift gears. It has five seats as well as inventory for five units. To open the car and start it, you need keys. You can also close the doors while driving. The car has an animation of the wheels turning.

Many thanks to Pavel Grig for the VAZ-2121 model, as well as the opportunity to upload it to Sketchfab. Below will be a link to his website, where you can find him and other social networks, or order models from him and his Gralva team.

Here, I would like to warn you in advance that this addon was published on the MCPEDL and ModBay sites. Any distribution of the add-on outside these sites, as well as without the permission of the original author, may be punishable by copyright problems, in particular, by blocking the resources on which it was published, without permission, or without mentioning the original creator. The project is licensed under a Creative Commons license. I also want to warn you not to download it through third-party resources, as they may contain infected files or phishing links.

Blue VAZ-2121 Niva

Dark Green VAZ-2121 Niva

Green VAZ-2121 Niva

Red VAZ-2121 Niva

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