Raiyon's Item Physics

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Enhance your Minecraft experience with the Realistic Item Physics Addon. Items now behave according to the laws of physics, staying on the ground until manually picked up.

Add-on Overview

  • Non Experimental Addon.

Items on the ground: Screenshot

Walking on items on the ground

This addon adds more immersive physics to your Minecraft world, making items on the ground appear realistic and allowing you to pick them up at will.

How to use

Picking items by hitting them

To pick up an item on the ground, you can either hit the item or hold the right-click.

Picking items by sneaking

You can also sneak to pick up nearby items.

Items burning in lava

Netherite items not burning in lava

Items retain their properties, such as not burning in lava if they are made of netherite or floating in water.

Items despawning after 5 minutes

As in vanilla Minecraft (the base game), items take 5 minutes to despawn. This will not happen if the item is named or if it is a Nether Star.

Updated on July 22

  • Some types of items that can be mass mined and leave an incredible amount of items despawn faster for improved performance.
Changelog for July 16 / Old Update
  • Netherrack despawns faster to reduce lag.
Changelog for July 08 / Old Update

1.2 Update:

  • Fixed villagers not picking crops.
  • Particles and burning effects have been added to the normal items.
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