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Every time you die, you LOSE A HEART! To restore it, you need the HEARTED ENCHANTED APPLE! Which you can obtain from killing the Ender Dragon or crafting it with expensive recipes!


With this addon, every time you die, you LOSE A HEART!

And to restore or even increase the hearts, you need the one and only HEART ENCHANTED APPLE!


Every time you die, you will lose a heart! Don't be scared if you have 1 heart left; after you die with 1 heart left, you're respawned again with 1 heart. I'll try to make a version in which if you die with 1 heart left, you can't be respawned.

Losing Hearts: Screenshot


To gain the hearts back or even increase them, you need to consume the one and only Heart Enchanted Apple.

Restoring Hearts: Screenshot

・How to Obtain the Apples?

Crafting Tables

Heart Enchanted Apple Recipe

You can make it on the Crafting Table!

But, of course, you need expensive items for this!

You need 8 Nether Warts and an enchanted golden apple for each Heart Enchanted Apple!

Slain the Ender Dragons!

Heart Enchanted Apple dropping from Ender Dragon

Kill the Ender Dragons!

You can also obtain the Heart Enchanted Apple from killing the Ender Dragon! He will drop the apples when he is killed, so don't forget to take them!


We recommend using this addon on the latest version of Minecraft Bedrock in order to avoid any failures.

It is also required to enable some of the experiments for the addons to work!

Required Experiments for Heart Enchanted Apple Addon

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