Flappyguy's Better Desert Temple Addon

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Are normal desert temples in Minecraft too boring for you? Well, this addon is for you! It's because this addon makes desert temples much better and more interesting for you and your friends to play with!

Let's start now, shall we?

Desert Temple:

Desert Temple: Chaos!

Desert Temple: Lots of challenges!

Desert Temple: Find treasures!

Better Desert Temple: Screenshot 1

Better Desert Temple: Screenshot 2

Better Desert Temple: Screenshot 3

Better Desert Temple: Screenshot 4

Better Desert Temple: Screenshot 5

This new desert temple is much better than the normal desert temple because there will be challenges, traps, treasures and much more!

How to find?

Desert Temple: Block in the chest

The better desert temple doesn't spawn naturally, so you have to find a normal desert temple first, find a "DESERT TEMPLE BLOCK" in the chest, and place it in an open area:

Desert Temple: Placeable!

Flappyguy's Better Desert Temple Addon Showcase Here:

Updated on July 20

  • Added 5 new beautiful screenshots about the desert temple!
  • Fixed some small issues about the addon
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