Bunch O' Nature

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This Addon makes your world generation becomes Less Empty!

By adding a Bunch Of Features to make it feels More Natural...

Such as New Types of Vegetations & Grounded Items

Previously known as Little Foliage!



โ—† Grassy-er Plains:

Grassy-er Plains: Screenshot

Increases the grass generation!

โ—† Coral-ly Oceanfloor:

Coral-ly Oceanfloor: Screenshot

Adds Coral Groups & Sea Pickles!

Tropical Fish

โ—† Tropical Fish are Able to spawn in Jungle


โ—† Bats are Able to spawn Above Ground

โ—† Ground Rocks & Sticks:

Ground Rocks: Screenshot

Ground Sticks: Screenshot

Ported from True Start!

โ—† Cobweb, Dead Leaves, Ground Bone & Ground Prismarine Shard:

Cobweb: Screenshot

Dead Leaves: Screenshot

Ground Bones: Screenshot

Ground Prismarine Shards: Screenshot

To Welcome & Accompany the Ground Rocks & Sticks!

โ—† Grassy Desert, Beach & Mooshroom Island:

Grassy Desert: Screenshot

Grassy Mooshroom Island: Screenshot

Adds Sand Grass & Mycelium Grass!

โ—† Vine-y Nether Ceiling:

Vine-y Nether Ceiling: Screenshot

Adds Netherrack Vines!

โ—† Grass-y The End Islands:

Grass-y The End Islands: Screenshot

Adds Chorus Grass!

โ—† Taller Trees:

Taller Trees: Screenshot 1

Taller Trees: Screenshot 2

Taller Trees: Screenshot 3

Taller Trees: Screenshot 4

Taller Trees: Screenshot 5

Taller Trees: Screenshot 6

Taller Trees: Screenshot 7

Taller Trees: Screenshot 8

No More Short Trees!

โ—† Wild Crops:

Wild Crops: Screenshot 1

Wild Crops: Screenshot 2

Wild Crops: Screenshot 3

Crops Everywhere!



โ—† Abcdave, for the big contribution in creating this addon!



Required Experimental Features:

Required Experiments for Bunch O' Nature Addon

โ—† Working on 1.20.30 & Above!

Enjoy the Nature!


> My Discord <

For Addon Progression, Support, Suggestion, Bug Report & Hang-Out!

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