Kamen Rider Bujin Sword Version 1.20+

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This addon is inspired by one of the characters in the Kamen Rider Geats series, namely Kamen Rider Tycoon form Bujin Sword, which has a cool henshin animation with an amazing finisher.

In this addon, there are several unique features that you should know about, and there are also small bugs that you should know about. You can watch the video above to make it clearer, it's only 2 minutes longer.


Transform: Animation 1

Transform: Animation 2

Transform: Animation 3

Transform: Animation 4

Transform: Animation 5

At the start of the game, you can look at the menu bar in the armor items section and find an item called Bujin Sword. With this item, you can transform into Kamen Rider Tycoon form Bujin Sword and will be given a Katana. Of course, this item cannot be crafted. Above is an animated gif of the changes.


Katana Slash: Animation

Above is a gif of the slash effect a katana produces when attacking.


Finisher: Animation 1

Finisher: Animation 2

Above is a gif of the finisher, which will be active when you sneak+punch (holding the katana item). You will issue a rotating slash and move forward with 15 damage on the target in front of the player with a maximum distance of 10 blocks.


Untransform: Animation

Above is a gif, which is when you want to return to the original mode, namely by sneaking + jumping. That way, you will return to the initial form.

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Supported versions
1.21.20 1.21.10 1.21.0 1.20.80 1.20.70 1.20.60 1.20.50 1.20.40 1.20.30 1.20.10 1.20.0 1.19.80