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This is an add-on based off the popular anime/manga Jujutsu Kaisen. This add-on focuses on getting a lot of features that originate from or stem off the idea of Jujutsu Kaisen at a high quality.

Kaisen Craft. What can you do? How do you play? Where do you start?

In Kaisen Craft, there are a multitude of things you can do in the beta, with more soon coming. If you're the adventuring type but still want some reward, then this is where you'll shine in the beta. The beta currently offers two Cursed Techniques, SHRINE and LIMITLESS. More information on how to obtain them will be later in the article. As for bosses and curses to fight, currently there are two bosses, one sidequest boss, and three curses, each will be described again later on in the article. The basic gist of it is to find structures and fight the enemies inside.

You can currently only play Kaisen Craft linearly, searching the world for the correct structures to obtain the drops for the Cursed Techniques. You can also fight several Curses that each have a varying level of challenge to them.

You can start Kaisen Craft by playing Vanilla till you're confident you can take on a boss or structure. Which I will continue to describe. Kaisen Craft also introduces a number of structures for the player to challenge, the first being the abandoned curse-filled hospital and the others being arenas for the two bosses. These provide quite a challenge and are recommended to have what can only be described as good gear before entering.

More information to be made once the first release is out.

(Sorry for the laggy trailer, will be fixed for full release)


Kaisen Craft Credits

- TEAM -

BlackholeSpace0 - Lead Developer
Mvoob - Help with designs and partially coding


AlexPacYT - Finding bugs before Beta public Release / Tester
Justin.Tomioka - Suggestions / Tester
B331/Blocky - Suggestions / Tester


Storyline [WIP]


The Storyline is the progression in the add-on and will be marked with different NPCs. This will be introduced in the full first update.

The sidequest giver, ComNad, who is exclusive to this add-on, can be found in a plains rarely. He currently only offers one bounty but will have more things to offer in the future.

ComNad's trades are as follows:.

  • Bounty Poster - Cost: 1-7 Emeralds
  • Bounty Locations - Cost: Boss Core, Bounty Poster
  • Bounty Proof - Sells for: Iron, Emeralds, Diamonds

ComNad will give the player a Boss Core on interaction, unlocking the recipe for the player in the Recipe Book.

(Design by Mvoob)


BOUNTIES: Bounties are crafted with numerous items that ComNad offers. He grants the player the "Bounty Location" which summons a structure nearby with the accompanying bounty. Bounties are kept obscure on the page for fun so players can find out what they are for themselves ingame.

Diamond Experimentalist

BOUNTY 1: Diamond Experimentalist

The "Diamond Experimentalist"


  • Summons 3 Guard Dogs.
  • Summons a Scientist Villager to aid him.
  • Diamond Cleave - Cuts anything within a 5 Block Radius with diamonds.
  • Domain Expansion - His Domain Expansion will rain diamonds upon the player, injuring them.

Drops Bounty Proof and Diamonds

Diamond Experimentalist


Different curses and bosses are available to battle in Kaisen Craft. Each will be listed here.

Ryomen Sukuna

Ryomen Sukuna's structure spawns in Extreme Hills on rare occasions.

Sukuna has access to five moves in his arsenal: Cleave, Dismantle, Open, Reversed Cursed Technique, and Domain Expansion Malevolent Shrine.

On death, he will drop 1-3 Sukuna Fingers for the player to consume, on consumption, the player will gain the SHRINE Cursed Technique.

When downed, you can tame him using Sukuna Fingers. On tame, he will be sittable and will follow the player. He can be healed using most cooked vanilla foods or Sukuna Fingers.

Ryomen Sukuna

Satoru Gojo [HIGH]

Satoru Gojo's structure is currently an arena that spawns in Extreme Hills rarely.

Gojo uses five moves: Red, Blue, Reversed Cursed Technique, Hollow Purple, and his Domain Expansion Unlimited Void, each with different weights so that he can't spam a powerful attack.

When killed, he drops the Six Eye, which can be used to obtain the LIMITLESS Cursed Technique.

When downed, you can tame him using Golden Carrots, Golden Apples, or Enchanted Golden Apples. On tame, he will be sittable and will follow the player, he can be healed using most cooked vanilla foods.

Satoru Gojo

Finger Bearer

The Finger Bearer can parry attacks as well as, on occasion after a parry, use an AoE attack dealing 5 damage to any enemy in range.

Also has a chance to use a ranged attack when (somehow) out of range of the player.

The Finger Bearer drops 1-3 Sukuna Fingers on death, which are used to gain Sukuna's Cursed Technique, SHRINE.

Spawns at the top of the Hospital Structure that spawns in the Plains biome. The Hospital structure will be filled with several curses, with the Finger Bearer waiting at the top.

Finger Bearer

Hospital Structure

Flyhead Curse

The Flyhead Curse spawns in swarms, attacking the players together to win as one by themselves is weak.

  • 10 HP
  • 1 Attack Damage

Flyhead Curse

Roppongi Curse

The Roppongi Curse sports high intelligence, having the ability to parry melee attacks from the player.

  • 35 HP
  • 2 Attack

Roppongi Curse

Cursed Techniques

This will list the available Cursed Techniques in the add-on. Cursed Techniques give you access to 5 abilities exclusive to that Cursed Technique.


LIMITLESS is Satoru Gojo's Cursed Technique. Upon obtainment, it is accompanied by the Infinity Passive, which slows nearby entities.
Obtainment - To obtain Gojo's Cursed Technique, defeat the boss "High Gojo" and use the Six Eye item.
The moves are as follows:

  • RED: An attack that repels entities, dealing a good amount of damage.
  • BLUE: Pulls in entities, including oneself, are usually used to stack with other moves.
  • REVERSED CURSED TECHNIQUE: Heals your injuries and, as a result, has a large cooldown.
  • HOLLOW PURPLE: A devastating technique that's sure to deal massive damage to any enemy, cooldown is large so use it sparingly.
  • DOMAIN EXPANSION: INFINITE VOID: Within a ~20 Block Radius, freeze every enemy and deal minimal passive damage to them. This technique's cooldown lasts ~2 minutes.

Ryomen Sukuna's Cursed Technique is SHRINE. Similarly to other Cursed Techniques, it has 5 moves that can be activated and deactivated.

Obtainment - To obtain Sukuna's Cursed Technique, eat a Sukuna Finger. This item is dropped from a Finger Bearer or the Sukuna Boss. Eating more Sukuna fingers will grant
stronger passives at certain marks (10 fingers, 20 fingers).
The moves are as follows:

  • CLEAVE: Within a 5 block radius, any entity will be slashed numerous times.
  • DISMANTLE: Fire a slash that can cut through the terrain.
  • OPEN/FIRE ARROW: Fire an arrow made of fire that sets its target ablaze.
  • REVERSED CURSED TECHNIQUE: Heal your injuries, and as a result, has a large cooldown.
  • DOMAIN EXPANSION: MALEVOLENT SHRINE: Within a ~20 Block Radius, cleave away at every enemy. This technique's cooldown lasts ~2 minutes.

Released BETA to public.
All features included in BETA are listed above, change log will be made with first release.

Simply click the download link Modbay provides when going to download and you'll be able to download the add-on.
It is recommended to turn on all "Experimental Features" in your world's settings, excluding Holiday Creator Features.


If you want sneak peeks, earlier downloads before the sites accept them, or if there are any bugs, suggestions, or comments you have, feel free to join the Virtual Studios Add-ons Discord.

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Kaisen Craft Beta[mcaddon, 1.97 Mb]
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