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This add-on will allow players to see full information about each item and block in Minecraft: BE. 8 types of information, from IDs to item drop information. Works with any other add-on!

Information is displayed for all items and blocks, including those that were added with other add-ons.

Using the Advanced Items Info addon


You can customize the types of information displayed and its format.

To open the settings menu, enter the command --aii.

Advanced Items Info addon settings

After selecting the desired settings, click the Submit button. If you just close the window instead of clicking Submit, the settings will not be saved.

Information types (screenshots)


Attention! This add-on needs translation into other languages! If you can translate it into your language, or if you noticed mistakes in existing translation - write about it in comments or me in Telegram: @woopertail. You will be listed in Credits on this page and in the add-on itself.

If you find any bugs or incorrect information, or have any suggestions - feel free to write in comments or me in Telegram: @woopertail

Have a good game :)


  1. Download AII [RP] and AII [BP].
  2. Run them.
  3. If Minecraft does not automatically open them, rename the file format from .mcpack to .zip, open the resulting archive and extract the folder inside into the folder with resource packs / behavior packs.

Configuring the Resource Pack

  1. Open the game settings, go to the Global Resources tab.
  2. Select Advanced Items Info resource pack and activate it.
  3. Exit the settings to activate the language pack of RP.
  4. Go back to the Global Resources tab in the settings.
  5. Select the installed Advanced Items Info and click on the settings icon (gear)
  6. Select the desired Action Bar display mode.
  7. Exit the settings to apply the changes and restart the game.
  • For mobile devices/tablets, it is recommended to use the 20px indented mode.
  • For other devices, it is recommended to use the mode without indentation.

Configuring the Resource Pack

WARNING! If you are connecting to a world where the AII resource pack is already installed, you do NOT need to activate it in the game settings.

Configuring the Behavior Pack

  1. Select the world where you want to install Advanced Items Info. Click the world edit button.
  2. Make sure that in the Game tab you have experiments enabled, namely: Beta APIs.
  3. Go to the Behavior Packs tab, select Advanced Items Info and activate it.
  4. Go to the world and type --aii to open the add-on menu. In this menu you will be able to fully configure the Advanced Items Info, as well as read the complete help for each mode.

Configuring the Behavior Pack in Addon

Download links
Download BP [v1.0.0] [MCBE 1.19.40+] !REQUIRED!
Download RP [v1.0.0] [MCBE 1.19.40+] !REQUIRED!
Supported versions