Family Life 4.3.1 - It's time for work!

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Family life - Have a family within Minecraft. This addon replaces the villagers in the world with NPCs and adds several interactions. With the remake of the addon it will be possible to do even more things, have even more interactions, have compatibility with other addons, play multiplayer, and have an improved and more intuitive UI.


To start an interaction with an NPC by long-clicking on the screen, press the right button or the respective command. One disadvantage is that it is necessary to hold any item for the interaction to begin.

The new interaction screen is very intuitive and simple to use, just press or click the button:

NPC Interaction Screen


The stats increase as you interact with the NPC, and depending on the level of intimacy you have with him, the outcome of the interaction may change.


Romantic status increases by flirting, and with this high status, the chance of interactions like getting married going well increases.


The friendship status increases by talking, with this high status, it is possible to have a discount on exchanges, and it is easier to get other statuses.

NPC Status

Once you have a high level of friendship with the NPC, you can see their status on the left-hand side of the interaction screen.


Personalities are traits that NPCs are born with. They directly affect interactions with the NPC, giving each one more originality.

For example, a NPC with the "Romantic" personality has an easier time raising romantic status.

About the Addon

For the addon to work correctly, enable all experimental options:

Required Experiments for the Family Life Addon

Available translations [PT-BR, ENGLISH, SPANISH, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese]


Thanks to nextplumestudio for the Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese translations.

Updated on April 13

  • Marriage option returns
  • New professions added
  • Changes to the way you buy items
  • Chances of getting status doubled
  • Added chance to raise 2 status points at the same time
  • New texture for the ring
v4.3 / February 26 / Old Update
  • New skins added
  • Some skins have been replaced
  • NPCs now replace villagers (for villagers to be replaced, leave and enter the world)
  • Added an extra download option that doesn't replace villagers
  • New text added to the UI
  • Correction to skins without female npc texture
  • Professions added (1/11)
  • Trade system added
v4.2 / February 21 / Old Update
  • Two new gift preferences
  • Improved probability system
  • New elements on the interaction screen
  • New skins added
  • Changes to the way gift preference tags work
  • Increased the probability of the NPC liking any gift
  • Fixed the bug that didn't allow you to have statuses higher than 4 with an NPC (the maximum is 15)
v4.1 / February 03 / Old Update
  • Getting married - This update focused on the mechanics of getting married
  • Gifts - Now it's possible to give gifts to npcs
  • Probability error - Some errors involving the probability system have been corrected
  • Male NPCs - Male NPCs also appear around the world
  • New items - The diamond/lapis lazuli ring for proposing to npc's has been added
  • Children - An unfinished part of the system for having children is included (This content will be in the next update)
  • Script update - Script update for minecraft version 1.20.51 or higher
v3.1 / December 06 / Old Update
  • Damage - Damage is no longer inflicted when interacting with an NPC
  • Interact with NPCs in creative - It is now possible to interact with NPCs even when in creative mode
  • Fixed the male NPC - They had the same skins as the female NPCs
  • Script update - Script update for minecraft version 1.20.40 or higher
  • Major Remake - The addon is undergoing a major remake to address several issues, update the addon to the latest minecraft, and make it more fun
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Download - Family Life (Sunrise short)
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Family Life wiki - Read more about the Family Life
Supported versions
1.20.60 1.20.50
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