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Super Powers! Yes indeed, we need these. How about being a Lightning god for a day? Or a one-hit-anything wand? Can't be killed in Survival, no matter what? Zombie on your shoulder? Or maybe craft your way to hugeness, smallness, invisibleness, or flying... ness. You get the picture!

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Creator: mno

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Second Round Of Super Powers

The Original Super Powers

How to use

To get any Super power, you will first need a Generic Gem:

Craft recipe for Generic Gem.

That is indeed a nether-star in the middle. Not to mentionย fourย (4) sticks. Expensive!

Next step: craft an item to get one of the following super powers. The crafted item just needs to be taken in hand.

Super powers

Super Spawner (Handheld)

Be your own monster spawner! Hold this and several times a second you'll create a monster. Probably not a good one for survival.

Showcase for Super Spawner.

Craft recipe

Craft recipe for Super Spawner.

Super Ride

Hold this and any two mobs will ride on your shoulders. Just like parrots only anything. All aboard!

Showcase for Super Ride.

Craft recipe

Craft recipe for Super Ride.


Total survival invincibility. From everything Minecraft can throw at you.

Give me your best shot, pal! I can take it.

Showcase for Invincibility.

Craft recipe

Craft recipe for Invincibility.

Blasting Bomb

Survival friendly. Random explosions to blast everything in site. Fun for everyone. Well, just you, actually.

Showcase for Blasting bomb.

Craft recipe

Craft recipe for Blasting Bomb.

One-Hit Wand

To one hit anything. Well, anything with 2000 health, or less.

Yes, this includes you, Mr Wither.

Showcase for One-Hit Wand.

Craft recipe

Craft recipe for One-Hit Wand.


Upon usage, this will teleport you 200 blocks of whichever cardinal direction (North/South/East/West) you are facing.

Showcase for Teleport.

Craft recipe

Craft recipe for Teleport.


A 1x1 hole straight out of your world. Why not.

Showcase for Drill.

Craft recipe

Craft recipe for Drill.


Be faster!

Showcase for Speed.

Craft recipe

Craft recipe for Speed.


You thought the original Speed was fast, well, see if you can keep up with these.

Craft recipe

Craft recipe for Speed plus.


Lightning is in your hands!

Showcase for Lightning.

Craft recipe

Craft recipe for Lightning.


It seems that it's better to hide from such a Steve!

Showcase for Giant.

Craft recipe

Craft recipe for Giant.


Do you often fall from a height? We have a solution.

Showcase for Flying.

Craft recipe

Craft recipe for Flying.


Try to become super tiny.

Showcase for Tiny.

Craft recipe

Craft recipe for Tiny.


A quick way to become invisible.

Showcase for Invisible.

Craft recipe

Craft recipe for Invisible.

Super Jump

For jumping up those pesky mountains.

Showcase for Jump.

Craft recipe

Craft recipe for Super Jump.


Grind your way through anything!

Showcase for Tunneling.

Craft recipe

Craft recipe for Tunneling.

Notes from author

This addon modifies player.json.

To the awesome youtubers out there, if you do a review/showcase, thank you! Please link back to *this page* on modbay/mcpedl. Cheers!

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1.19.50 1.19.40 1.19.30 1.19.20 1.19.10 1.19.0