Beautiful Foxes Add-on | Update v9 (Dig & Explore)

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Explore your world with new and amazing foxes, with many different breeds that you can find in the taiga, and not only is that, you can also tame them, take care of them, walk them and even sit them and accompany you wherever you go.

You may have asked them to add variations of foxes in the minecraft vanilla, so this time I bring you an addon that adds many new races of foxes, with new and epic functions, you can do many things with it such as walk it, sit it, take care of it or cure it, adopt it and much more, live new adventures and let no one separate you, they will be good friends.

All foxes spawn in the Taiga, soon this will be modified, and they will have a different biome.

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We know that in real life foxes are not tame unlike dogs or cats, but so that you can enjoy this addon that mechanics of being able to tame it was added to make it more fun, something I forgot to mention is that you can fight with your fox or that the fox can defend you.

=Special thanks to @TheGhostStudio for helping me make this addon come true for everyone

=Also a special thanks to hyru_art for the new fox animations in this most recent update

New Foxes

Fox Animations!

Fox Statues

Fox Statues variants

Another Fox Statues variants

How to get a Statue?

Now there are two Statues available - Default (stone) and Special (Copper). They can be obtained through a Stonecutter.

Fox Statue:

Stone Fox Statue recipe

Special Fox Statue:

Special Fox Statue recipe

How to change a Statue?

Fox Armor!

New Fox armor (the armor is made of wool, not fox fur)

New Fox armor

Beautiful Foxes v9 patch notes

-Beautiful Foxes V9 Update Video -

If you find any error, failure or if you have an idea you can say it in the comments.

Border line

It is necessary to activate the experimental festive games & Custom Biomes for the addon to work correctly

Required options for Beautiful Foxes addon

Beautiful Foxes - Wiki here

Beautiful Foxes - Hirx's Website (weebly.com)

If you have any questions about how to tame the new foxes or previous foxes, visit my YouTube channel or ask me on my discord server!

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Supported versions
1.20.0 1.19.0 1.18.0 1.17.0
  1.  profile avatarQopi profile avatar Qopi
    Too often, structures spawn. Make them rare (they clutter up the world, you have to constantly clean them up)
  2. how do you get 314 Views but not any comments.
    anw these designs are indeed Beautiful
    i do think the spawning rate is a bit big; but thats just me.
    good job